The isis papers the keys to the colors

There is a lot of good in the book, but also a lot of imbalance in terms of structure and delivery as well as some theories that are far-fetched and based on nothing but assumptions rather than factual evidence. Television is indoctrinating Black people to think of themselves as buffoons and clowns and trashy people. Sep 01, Stacey Flores rated it really liked it.

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I still use it to decode unconscious behavior of our race to this day. Ultimately, her theories contain nuggets of truth and wisdom amount mountains of outlandish and even counterproductive claims.

Not surprisingly she also states right off the bat that the title and idea for the book came from a patient of hers in a Washington D.

And I had them cplors it. Anyone who doesn't like this book is narrowed minded and sees only their view of the world. Although at times I did wonder 'this is so insane and out there maybe just maybe it is the core of ultimate truth when it comes to race relations and oppression. But along with this basic thesis, which I believe has some basis she mixes in some completely wacked out anti-white claims that are so screwy its unintentionally funny.

The Isis Papers - The Keys to the Colors

Dec 31, Mykie rated it it was ok Shelves: At the point at which she summated all African religion in a single sentence, and then as corollary stated that the white man is incapable of experiencing true transcend feeling because of a melanin deficiency, I started to question her sanity.

You have to have parents who are married. I see this work mentioned often on this board and after reading it I can see why.

I'd imagine that it is good material for psychology students. This book was probably one of the most powerful texts I've ever colord in terms of its complete analysis on how white supremacy's fingers extend into every facet of life that can be controlled, thus producing devastating consequences that are still present through my existence as a 'free' black woman. This book, however, was not extremely hard to follow.

Something is missing from the text that ties it all together. The gun then becomes the desired all-powerful phallus of the whyte male, which he conceives of as being an equaliser to the phallus of a Black and other non-whyte males.

Hence, the dynamics of co,ors also operates below our conscious awareness, thhe of course we are awaken to its subtleties. And they were genetic-recessive compared to the genetic dominance of people who produce color.

THE ISIS PAPERS: The Keys to the Colors, by Dr. Frances Cress Welsing

Unlike her predecessors, Dr. But they took out White supremacy and said it was because of the system of racism. Welsing also claims that whites subconciously want to be black and gives examples like white hippies being dirty is an attempt to make their skin black and she states that whites like to rub fecal matter on themselves as a way to have brown skin! It is interesting to note that symbols do not arise from conscious papeds of thoughts. Welsing was a psychiatrist and dedicated most of her life to analyzing, associating and theorizing behaviors, causes tue impacts.

Jul 03, John Glover rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: So two stars there. Colorz to Read saving…. Epitan, Melanotan is now being combined with libido-enhancing properties.

She was a pioneer in her own right as well as a very important figure in the African American community.

Somethings really are in black and white and kesy matter if it is called racism, bigotry, prejudicy, separatism, or playing the race card, the reality is as plain as the nose before your face. The Keys to Colors by Dr.

Does anyone have a copy that I can borrow? Cockfighting was also a very popular pastime for whyte males.

Published December 1st by C. The system is one of contradiction and psychological projection based on deception and confusion.

It has inspired to me to learn about my history before white supremacy annihilated it. Refresh and try again.

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