Rtca do 160c

These frequency components are normally harmonically related to the power source fundamental frequency. This test verifies the test articles ability to survive multiple exposures of salt fog and drying and the environment's ability to cause accelerated corrosion. Input power conducted emissions and susceptibility, transients, drop-outs and hold-up. The longer, more civil answer, explains that Fed-Std is a document that defines colors, and does so by incorporating many color chip samples.

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Info about FED STD and RTCA DO C

Aircraft type dependent test checks the effects of vibration and the equipment's ability to operate during all vibration scenarios. The unit must operate and be subjected to any actuation including knob turns and button pushes and not ignite the environment. Plan to devote five continuous weeks of study to this online course, which will include readings, review of RTCA DOG and DO documents, discussion posts, live discussion sessions, weekly learning summaries and progression toward your course project.

If you do not have a profile with a password, click "create a profile". The purpose of these tests is to provide a controlled laboratory means of assuring the performance characteristics of airborne equipment in environmental conditions similar of those which may be encountered in airborne operation of the equipment.

RF emission and susceptibility. These tests subject the unit to an environment of blowing sand and dust of specific particle sizes in which the unit must operate at the end of exposures.

The norm defines the different temperature profiles under which the equipment must be tested. This test determines whether the equipment interconnect circuit configuration will accept a level of induced voltages caused by the installation environment. Continue shopping to register for the course and session of your choice.

The power input tests simulate conditions of aircraft power from before engine start to after landing including emergencies. Condensation also can be a factor coming from cold temperatures. If I were you Rtcs likely start with www.

A high-level review of related FAA advisory material and certification requirements will be discussed. This page was last edited on 17 Octoberat Please note that you must have access to the two required RTCA documents in order to complete this course. These tests under humidity check the 10c of high concentrations of humidity and the articles ability to withstand moisture effects. All information presented is for general reference and does not represent a professional opinion nor the policy of an author's rtcca.

This tests determine whether equipment material is adversely affected by fungi under conditions favorable for their development, namely, high humidity, warm atmosphere and presence of inorganic salts.

Federal Employee Discount This course is available to U. Cover of original issue. This class is designed for all engineering disciplines, program and project management employees, certification employees, and test lab 1600c responsible for developing qualification requirements for airborne electronic equipment. The standard environmental test conditions and test procedures contained within the standard, may be used in conjunction with applicable equipment performance standards, as a minimum specification under environmental conditions, which can ensure an adequate degree of confidence in performance during use aboard an air vehicle.

The direct web address is http: This section relates specifically to interfering signals related to the power frequency and its harmonics, audio vo signals, and electrical transients that are generated by rttca on-board equipment or systems and coupled to sensitive circuits within the EUT through its interconnecting wiring.

Aviation related fluids susceptibility including a variety of fluids ranging from carbonated sugared beverage to various cleaners and solvents. DO, Environmental Conditions and Test Procedures for Airborne Equipment is a standard for the environmental testing of avionics hardware. Rtcs norm describes the test procedure for airborne equipment. This discount is available for both the early registration and regular registration fees.

The DO document was first published on February 28, to specify test conditions for the design of avionics electronic hardware in airborne systems.

Info about FED STD 595 and RTCA DO 160C

Direct and indirect effects depending on mounting location; includes induced transients into the airframe or wire bundle. The Standard Includes Sections on:. For each test section of DO, we discuss the purpose, adverse effects and categories. The user of the standard must also decide interdependently of the standard, how much additional test rca to allow for uncertainty of test conditions and measurement in each test.

To receive the federal employee discount, you must enter the code FGVT during the checkout process. October 23, to November 20,Live Online Training.

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