Police verification form for tenants mumbai

As per the law, police verification is not necessary. By the look of it, the tenant seems fine to you and the trouble to follow the procedure could well be avoided, you think. Not created your listing yet?

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This listing has been switched off. Under Section of the Indian Penal Code IPC which pertains to disobedience of order duly promulgated by public servant, an offender may be "punished with simple imprisonment for a term which may extend to one month" or with a fine which may "extend to Rs ". Vikram Mehta, president of real estate body Property PPL, said, "The police would catch the broker or the society management in case there was any mishap concerning a tenant.

Mumbai: Renting out a flat? You don't need police's NOC

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Your listing has been switched off now. We take all documents, get them stamped from police, and give it to the society. Additionally, you could also log on to the official website of the police mujbai apply for police verification of your tenants. Renting as a concept is in vogue these days because of the changing dynamics of India's real estate.

Please try again after a few minutes. The broker took all the details from me as well as that of the landlord ppolice it was handed over to the society. However, as a landlord, you must be careful while selecting tenants since the profitability of your investments depends entirely on the kind of tenant you have selected for your property.

You don't even need to visit the police station and can send the form via post, courier or oplice it read. Police Intimation Verification Details Search.

By the look of it, the tenant seems fine to you and the trouble to follow the procedure could well be avoided, you think. In case pilice society asks for documentation from police, this tweet is sufficient to answer all their queries. As a person new to a given locality, it also gives you an opportunity to find henants where you need to go to, if you ever need help from the police.

If you are the owner of a prime property, you may be lucky enough to have a beeline outside of your premises. Your note has been saved.

Police Intimation (Verification) Details

Renting out a flat? Normally during registration of a leave and licence agreement, mumvai charge two fees — the brokerage, and small fees which includes registration and getting the NoC document from the police. Since the monetary penalty is paltry, due care is often not taken to follow the rules.

So a broker provides this service. Are you sure you wish to view this person's phone number? In case you rent your property without going through this process, trouble may hit you in future, officially, too.

Mumbai Police : Downloads

There is no requirement for an NOC. Any failure in this regard may invite a jail term or a monetary penalty.

Not created your listing yet? We do it so that there's no trouble. I didn't know the mumbaj but an agent did it for me. Once you place your request, the police will do a background check of your tenant from the police station concerned, and get in touch with you with the findings.

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Another twitter user, who has had to get an acknowledgement letter from the police, said, "Last time, the society asked for a police verification letter with a stamp. The Mumbai police's twitter handle further clarified that this is applicable throughout the state. On the website of most police stations, you could download the form. A message accompanying the tweet said: Switch off your listing?

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