How novels work john mullan

Mullan covers a wide range of topics and discusses them in plain language. Return to Book Page. Apr 17, Bill rated it did not like it Shelves: How the Novel Works is filled with useful advice for the neophyte reader who wishes to speak coherently about books they've been moved by.

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How Novels Work by John Mullen pdf | Janak Tamang -

He does discuss how the opening line is important in setting the voice, point of view, and tone, but really, do we need a whole chapter to learn that all novels have opening lines?

A Selected Edition Guy Cuthbertson. Mullan sheds light on some of the jonh masterworks of contemporary fiction, including Monica Ali's Brick LaneJ. Yet, I enjoyed it because I generally just love reading books about books, and I was pleased that I'd read many of This is a very thorough, informative and in many ways useful book about many of the elements writers of novels have considered over the past years, and how some of these have developed and are used by writers of today.

And don't get me johnn, the author's knowledge of different novels in different genres is staggering; but, with that being said, the author could not seem to stay on one topic for more than a paragraph or so. It's fairly light, and definitely easy to read, but covers a great range of topics, and presents some interesting ideas.

This meant that large parts of the chapters were devoted to describing how some author used letters, epigraphs or quotes It's pretty much what it says on the tin. I do like a lot of literature, but strangely books about books are rarely as interesting or as compelling as the books themselves.

I particularly appreciated the inclusion of subjects such as paragraphing, that affect a reader's experience and matter to a writer! Open Preview See a Problem?

In short this is the sort of book that appeals to the sort of critic that would never be caught dead reading something on the bestseller list and can't quite understand why a page wok on the history of a dressmaker in the court of Queen Victoria isn't the holiday reading of everybody.

How Novels Work

Interesting book, that really lives up to its title of demonstrating the techniques authors use to make meaning, and achieve specific effects. References to this book The Nove,s Novel: I found it dry, stiff, a bit stuck-up but definitely informative.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. The book was useful in terms of updating my fiction-related terminology hetroglossia, skaz, The Novels from Burmese Days to Ebook This title is available as an ebook.

These historical insights are the best feature of the book. So Mullan gives a list of opening lines from well-known novels. The book feels overlong because he concentrates too much on a large handful of contemporary works which had little interest for me like The Hours and Possession. Besides, due to the fact that I read it as one chunk with no intervals, I kind of lost a great deal of my attention.

I would mul,an liked more on genre fiction.

How Novels Work by John Mullan

Will return to it in a while when I have digested your critical commentary of various works, their language, their style and form, and all that makes one work stand apart from its peers and predecessors. How Novels Work 3. What do Uow call you? And indeed, there are a lot of novvels that were entirely new to me upon reading them, chapters such as 'Ekphrasis', 'Heteroglossia', 'Parataxis' or 'Skaz', all of which are sure to help you out in your next game of scrabble.

The Unsung Artistry of George Orwell: I enjoyed this look at novels via literary theory. To ask other readers questions about How Novels Workplease sign up. You will read each of the sections and both realise things that you had noticed but not ever really considered, and come away with it with a list a mile long of more books that you really should read to add to your TBR pile.

My two problems were that, firstly, it contained too much spoilerific information about books I still intend to read but it's possible johnn just skip those muklan so no harm done. A regular radio broadcaster and literary journalist, he writes on contemporary fiction for the Guardian and was a judge for the Man Booker Prize John Mullan is a Professor of English at University College London. Since the book is a collection of previously published columns, noovels is quite a bit of repetition as well.

It gives a fantastic overview of the elements of novels indicated in comments below and also of how novels have evolved to the present. Addressed to anyone who is interested in the close reading of fiction, it makes visible techniques and effects we are often only half-aware of as we read.

Uninformative and a waste of time.

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