Natural born angel scott speer

We get to see some Guardian training, the rise of a new dangerous enemy and the fantastic Former Angel, Detective Sylvester, is around again trying to save the world this time with some help from Mark and Jacks. The introduction of Tom was a major turn for the story, added a bit of spice and I liked that there was some normal ness in the story instead of Maddy being angel crowded all the time. I mean Jackson has blue eyes and dark hair, how could I not be all for him? View all 5 comments. What would you choose?

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Natural Born Angel does continue on from the first book, Immortal City, and it does have a couple good action and important type of stuff happening in it. Have one or two fights—fine. From Vivian an Angel from Australia even though she made a lot of things that are mean to Maddy she just kept her cool. Just zcott me tell you that there were some ups and downs.

Natural Born Angel

Those conflicts and problems built Maddy's character and I think she began to realise the true meaning of who she is and what her responsibilities were. The chemistry was zilch in angwl book. These are a few of the crazy questions that kept circling in my mind while I was reading this book. It just really annoyed me that Speer skipped over one of the most sctt parts of a good series.

I don't normally like books written by male authors, well at least not books with a lot of romanc Love the storyline, hate the ending.

Also, why couldn't I find Battle Angel in hardcover? He didn't think of Maddy's feeling at the issue.

Standard Posted by Gilded Lady. He is starting to become bitter and you can kind of guess how it is going to go down. I felt she wasn't paying much attention to Jackson and their relationship and with Jacksons problem he needed that support, especially after he gave it up all for her.

Apr 07, Leslie Anne rated it really liked it. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: There are people out there that don't like that she is half human half angel and all the attention she Natural Born Angel -- I was so excited to get this book, I loved the first book! Sequel weighed down by focus on fame and abundant brands.

I was also hopeful for more twists and turns, but the story here also seemed one dimensional. This book is set up a little later than xpeer end of the first book.

CarlsonCommon Sense Media. She was interesting in photo shoots, events and fashion when in the previous book she almost mocked the Angel life style.

Next time though, he better not leave me with a complete cliffy on every aspect of a book or I will seriously have to reevaluate my opinion of him. Jackson and Maddy's brief 'back together' bit was so cute, I really wish they had more time together though.

The first thing that made me mad about this book was that Speer completely skipped over the best part of a sequel, 3. There are even a couple of areas that threw me for a loop to the point where I had to literally stop reading and go back and try to figure it out. And then there is Jacks.

Review: Natural Born Angel – Scott Speer | Fantasy Findings

Jack got really self centered, I admit Maddy could have put more time into Jack. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Sngel along the line she says to jacks: Alright i am going to make this short and sweet. Remember when I said it was okay anegl Jackson and Maddy had a kind of instalove because it was believable and they went through a traumatic situation together? Apr 23, Lettee rated it liked it. Star Wars Most Wanted. You're on the side of the angels.

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