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For a further elucidation of these beliefs consult The Book of Chaos in its entirety. Happiness exists only because of misery, pain because of comfort, good because of evil, yang because of yin, black because of white, birth because of death, and existence because of non-existence. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. And by similar wisdom, anything can be affected by performing the required action on some other thing that reminds one of it. This book, along with Liber Kaos, challenged my perspectives and dropped me off where I started.

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By the alphabet of desire is explained our "inability to make progress in emotional terms.

An Introduction to Chaos Magic 3. The inertia of previous existences propels Kia into new forms of manifestation.

Peter J. Carroll

Summoning his hands in dream, he looks nulll them, then moves them aside and tries to find the place he has willed to go to. Mere ideas follow suit.

It is a new perspective too, since im not completely familiar with the content its refreshing to see things in a new way, like dualism.

Certain forms of gnosis lend themselves nul readily to some forms of magic than others. For the universe is mad and arbitrary in her ways.

This libef not the case with Carroll. Like all aetheric matter, its effects on ordinary reality are variable and depend on the ability of the life force to make a real effect coalesce at some point. The chosen sound is repeated over nul, over in the mind to block all other thoughts. It may be charged by using it as a focus for concentration in the magical trance of no-mindedness. How can someone actively choose to experiment on everything that makes them who they are AND work ?

But Chaos Magick has no such limitations. Prolonged sexual excitement through karezza, inhibition of orgasm, or repeated orgasmic collapse can lead to trance states useful for divination. Lkber and the urge to wanton destructiveness serve few useful purposes.

Sometimes the sigil may be burnt, buried, or cast into an ocean.

Keep doing that that until you manage to disentangle your inner core from your present personality, because personality is essentially a completely arbitrary construction based on experience and chance. The gnostic condition is libdr the key to radical changes of belief or conversion.

LIBER NULL VI - Urban SpreeUrban Spree

It is just these comforting chains which seem to give definition, meaning, character, and a sense of belonging to most people. Far from being my favorite paradigm, chaos magic has this odd eclectic patchwork quality to it. He weighs his body down by wrapping sheets of lead around his limbs, trunk, and head. The Order and the Quest The secrets of magic are universal and of such a practical physical nature as to defy simple explanation. Closed mindedness is one of the biggest hindering attributes nukl the masses.

Yet he has to seek the blueprint for his reborn self as he goes along. Eternal warfare is the price, purpose, and reward of existence.

As the avatar of Kia on earth, the Augoeides represents the true will, the raison lkber of the magician, his purpose in existing. Those beings who realize and practice such secrets are said to have achieved mastership. No amount of "effort" in the usual sense will avail. The will not to fulfill desire arises to reduce fear of failure. The main divisions of emotion have been equated with planetary god forms.

Liber Null and Psychonaut: An Introduction to Chaos Magic

The lunar current of the priestess is observed for a day in which jull libido is strong. In the same way that the day mind learns to differentiate between real things and fantasy, so can the dream consciousness learn the difference between real and fantasy dreams.

Free will, for instance, is probably just an illusion caused by some defect in the neuroelectro-biochemical plumbing nulll the brain. It is during these moments of single -pointed concentration, or gnosis, that beliefs can be implanted for magic, and the life force induced to manifest.

You may pray to God and ask him for help.

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