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Aside from a few hard-to-find volumes of literary adaptations, he has nothing in print, and tracking down Valentina , his hardcore masterwork, in English, is nearly impossible. From even the most cursory look at Valentina , it's obvious that its artist wanted to do more than just draw sex. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

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We encourage you to let us know what you think! He also worked in theatre and made dozens of lithographs.

Visit the Archivio Crepax website here. Such is cdepax breadth of Crepax's work on Valentina that it's a bit difficult to imagine how an Valentnia publishing program is even possible; to understand the full importance of what the comic achieved, it's absolutely necessary to see the complete work, whose page count runs well into four figures.

We watch Valentina struggle through a teenage bout with anorexia, willingly give her virginity to a much older man, and, in the best scene Crepax ever drew, burst into tears at her first glimpse of Louise Brooks on the silver screen before going home and shaping her own haircut into Brooks's signature bob.

It's easy to blame the low visibility of erotic comics on an unadventurous audience and a censorious industry, but the reality is that to make good comics that work as porn takes an incredible amount of skill -- the artistic ability to create marks on paper that are themselves as erotic as whatever story those marks construct. From here, there was little for Crepax to do narratively but lay out the path Valentina's life would take after the material in Baba Yagawhich he did masterfully.

Throughout the book, Crepax's manipulation of sequenced imagery is absolutely astounding. Valentina, one of the few comic book heroines, the only one who aged along with her creator. The intricacies of fetish clothing or bondage equipment give way to the simplicity of the nude human form without warning before the two are juxtaposed against and then melted into one another.

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It's the pages on which his obsessions overtake him utterly, where he seems more interested in entering a dialogue with himself and his own characters than with his audience, that Crepax's real genius is to be found. It's one of those comics, something that takes our known perceptions of the medium and runs with them, expanding them further than we thought was possible without ever finding a breaking point, any goal it doesn't achieve.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Two thin volumes translated decades ago by NBM fetch collector's prices, and a few valsntina in vintage issues of Heavy Metal magazine give only tantalizing hints toward the true greatness of the master, who worked for his entire four-decade career in Italian.

Though it's a shame such potentially life-changing work remains so unavailable, it's hardly surprising. The strips also dealt with bisexualityautoerotic ecstasy, super-sensual abandon, and sadomasochism.

It's a level of concern for characters that is almost never seen in any comics, but is especially notable in hardcore pornography, where it stands out all the more as being truly beautiful.

The film was directed by Corrado Farinawho had previously made a documentary on the comics by Guido Crepax. CS1 Italian-language sources it Articles with Italian-language external links. Valentina Rosselli, whose appearance is inspired by silent film actress Louise Brooksis a Milanese photojournalist. In a feature film called Baba Yaga was based on the comic book. Palazzo Incontro, Roma Hours from 10am to 7pm. Dracula, Frankenstein, and Other Horror Storiesthe first of 10 forthcoming volumes.

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valentina by guido crepax transformed into life-size wallpaper by wallpepper

In 40 years of work, he has also made hundreds of illustrations for newspapers, album covers, furnishings, fashion and design. Though it's full of torture and sexual humiliation, though a palpable current of menace runs through it, we are never allowed to lose track of the fact that this world is being controlled by the person at the center of these experiences, and that they are what get her off.

Because of this, Crepax will probably never be accepted as canon, but for readers willing to follow his instincts toward the hardcore and the abstract to their end points, there is the completely wordless Lanterna Magica"translated" into an English-language edition as Magic Lantern. Her birthday, ID card, son, job, car, clothes, household objects: You are commenting using your Facebook account.

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Originally a minor character working for the comic hero NeutronValentina became the sole protagonist of the series in Notify me of new posts via email. Her complex, well-rounded personality, led many women to identify with her. Inspired by an icon of silent films, the actress Louise Brooks, Valentina is one of the most renowned comic book characters in the world: Valentina in one of her dreams.

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