Just enter registration key and user id in the About Page. It is used for the default state of detecting embedded commands. Fix as side-effect bug for processing existing PDF in build when in pipe mode Ent. Fix Flag in driver lelvel links annotation [-] 9.

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Current job file can be used as a pure embedded commands. Users have to set correct logon information to keep sending by SMTP working well all the time. It works seamlessly with dmScale member in Devmode struct.

Fix to recognize the localized folder name in Gmail. Just enter registration key and user id in the About Page. Add UI right-click menu for adding variables in Watermark text edit control, Email subject, and content edit control in addition to the DestDir and DestFile edit controls.

After buildbugs for default directory setting have been fixed.

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The bug happens on embedding some Symbol fonts supporting only Unicode Symbol cmap. If the "comments" contain wdocprinter ',', it need to add a backslash to escape. Thank You for Submitting a Reply,! This is fixed by copying all annotations of the Page objects into detination since Ver 6. The multipage template PDF aligns with back-cover if enabling back-cover pages. Fixed since Ver 5. Foxit Reader is a small, fast, and feature rich PDF software. Fix email hang in Outbox edovprinter silent sending by Use Outlook.

Now values changed can be effective in the current job. Filename auto numbering function is also added in this version. Support edocprinteer sliently on [Use Outlook automation only] mode emulate clicking ribbon Send button for Outlook or later [! Fix round off error and position shift error when doing overlay with PDF files with cropbox magin.

Registry settings and commands Improvements and bug fixes: Support restarting Outlook instance if the existing Outlook instance is not available in Process PDF sequentially mode. Sometimes, opening them and printing directly will force the improper data to pass into the current printer driver.

Flag Symbol, Cmap encoding 0 platform 3 [-] 6. With the function of image uniqueness identification, only one image object will be created for multiple identical images in the original document.

Add -sw option for sealbat.

Fix the ordering of stamping compound watermarks. It requires Outlook is NOT started yet. Add EmailAttachExt registry and command for attaching images from redirect2print.

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See the snapshot for illustration. Fix a bug in stamping image watermark if the source image is in network mapped edocrinter. It's a bug in Acrobat Reader 3.

Support sending escape code to the redirected physical edocorinter. Styled Cosmetic Line conversion contains error in previous builds. Support utilizing office export information for converting position of links or cross-references.

Add [Send by Gmail directly] mode. Fixed since build Ver 5. This has been fixed since Ver 6.

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