Culture clash jean donaldson

However, I will say that this book is a wonderful resource for dog owners. It should also be noted that while Jean Donaldson is very much an advocate for positive reinforcement training, punishment is discussed in this book: Each of the trainers went up there and the police guy was jerking the poor dog around, the guide dog lady said that first she had to "bond" with the dog and sat there petting it for 5 minutes, but no one could get the dog to walk properly on the leash! Dogs are amazing in their own right. Because of this, I can't imagine training dogs in any other way besides positive reinforcement; positive reinforcement just makes so much sense.

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Quite simply the best dog book I have ever read! Why only three stars?

The Culture Clash

If you apologize they punish you again. It's as though they have to be smart like us in order for us to cutlure loving them as members of our family.

Worse yet, might you be inclined to inadvertently make the problem worse? He's cute and perfect too. Jul 01, Marissa culturr it really liked it. There are training exercises, but it's real value is in teaching the principles and science rather than being a how-to-train manual. We never take a step back from the way we think. The author explains it in simple, scientific terms. Be the Pack Leader Cesar Millan.

She has obviously lost her tolerance for people who are not sympathetic to the dogs' way of perceiving the world, which is fine, but I often wished she used a more gentle tone. It should also be noted that while Jean Donaldson is very much an advocate for positive reinforcement training, punishment is discussed in this book: He's playing his entire environment, including you, his owner, this way.

I also culutre her approach of normalizing normal dog behav This was a good book. Explanations of learning theory and specific instructions for training common behaviors are often intermingled. Lists with This Book.

The Culture Clash by Jean Donaldson

There w This is hands down still one of the best books introducing behavior and training to new or intermediate dog owners. In particular, she talks about how dogs know when they've done something eonaldson.

Personally, I found myself laughing at the just-so explanations I'd concocted for my dog's behavior, when the real explanation is probably a lot simpler. The book as far as I can tell has no index.

This author is just so negative I am having to stop reading the book half-way through. Humans sometimes learn the meaning of individual sounds by repeated association with things of relevance to them. She makes a significant effort to lead her readers to better understanding of dog behaviour and motivation and to dispel the "Disney Land" dog fantasies so many dog owners have; dogs exist to please us, are intelligent like humans and moral understand the difference between right and wrong.

A really interesting book. If you have a dog, or planning on it, please read this one. It's all chew toys to them Sadly, many of the abusive training methods she argues against ear pinching, choke collars, and shock collars can still be found in dog training schools today - also, many owners still believe in the Walt Disney dog; intelligent, moral, capable of revenge and planning, a problem solver and understanding the value of his owner's belongings.

Dog Sense John Bradshaw. A revolutionary new way of understanding the relationship between humans and domestic dogs By Jean Donaldson The Culture Clash has had a profound effect on the world of dog training. The Culture Clash by Jean Donaldson. Click here to clashh "Trisha's Classics" package ; including this book and five others that every dog lover should have on their shelf.

Although Culture Crash was originally published in the ideas in it were so new and revolutionary at that time that Jean Donaldson remains a leading thinker in the dog training world and this book has become a classic.

One day, you see a Gorn approaching with the training collar in hand. I will donalldson, however, that she overstates her case regarding canine cognition.

But I know too many knucklehead humans who have great mutual rapport with their dogs to despair. They are called the Gorns.

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