Sticky fingers by niki burnham

Would you like to tell us about a lower price? I have read many reviews that say this novel had a very slow pace for more than half of the book. She goes to a party and has one drink. Finally, I just have one thing that really irked me. When Jenna repeatedly denis Scotts request he decides to slip a drug into her drink during a party, hoping I read the book Sticky Fingers, By Niki Burnham.

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They seem really happy.

shicky Jenna understands that he is worrying but that she'll talk to C. The bad Mormon boy!! Many things in life begin slow and soft, and end with a boom. There's the pressures of sex, getting into college, fighting with friends, family problems, etc. So Jenna constantly pushes -- for perfect grades, the ideal boyfriend, the best, best friend. Then Jenna decides it's now or never.

Though Jenna is sharper and more likable than Jones's protagonist, her Harvard acceptance is a cheap symbol of the intelligence that is never shown in her thoughts.

What scares Darth Vader?

My library Help Advanced Book Search. Courtney said she was going to tell Jenna. Sticky Fingers was a wonderful novel!

Sticky Fingers

She wants to get into Harvard, along with her boyfriend, Scott. It seemed like she had no personal flaws. If she relaxes even for a second, she's afraid she'll lose control completely.

Lists with This Book. I will just add that when "the big event" happens later in the book, I was completely thrown.

The author could have really gone somewhere more emotional with the I also liked it because its about a group of kids in high school and the things that happened actually happen all the time. She does spend a great deal of her time angsting over what her friends are up to, but this was a pretty realistic reaction shicky some of the things going on around her. Angela Blount, Staff Reviewer. Her boyfriend is pressuring her for sex, and she does not know what to do with him.

Between the love stories that were told in it and all the drama between friends it kept me really entertained. She does make a couple bad choices, but on the whole, she stays pretty true to who she really is In the beginning of the story I was really pulling of burnhsm and Jenna to work out. You will not be able to put this book down until you reach the shocking end. But let's be serious folks. Her internal conflict over whether or not she should have sex with Scott drives the novel to a scary conclusion.

The Attack of the Plants: Overall though it was enjoyable with a believeable plot and very current problems in the world of teenagers, adressing them thoroughly, and carefully and ther definitely were hidden meanings to take from it, promoting individualness and being comfortable with one self.

Sticky Fingers by Niki Burnham

I feel I would like to have known more about their backgrounds. Previous page of related Sponsored Products. Go to parties, have a drink or two, see her friends more? Author Of Bt Week: I thought it was going to be more about how she would cope with her boyfriend giving her the date rape drug - or if her boyfriend actually had gone through with sleeping with her under the influence.

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