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Sahachara denotes Vidushaka also who accompanies the lady-love. If she happens to be still not fully aroused, the lover should continue to kiss her on the cheeks, place his lips against her lips, embrace her with both hands, and pressing the tip of his phallus against her yoni he should titillate her clitoris with his fingers. There is, furthermore, one Atyuchcha Rata, or, an excessively high union where the partners are: The Apahasta method of striking the space between the breasts of the woman halfway through the union, can be gradually increased by the lover until both partners are satisfied. Would you also like to submit a review for this item?

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In a chastened mood, she con- fessed her debacle and solemnly and decorously clothed and veiled herself.

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Create rstirahasya, bibliographies and reviews: The commen- tator has given a different meaning of Vihara as time for friendly chats, etc. The Atyuchcha and Atinicha unions belong to this class. A Yakshasattva woman does not feel shy in the presence of elders. Suvesha includes ornaments, cosmetics and flowers besides garments. Am I up to your expectation or not? Despite a susceptibility for a premature discharge of fluid, a man is able to enjoy a union extendedly, provided he commences it slowly, and provided he keeps his own mind under control, and when the need boko, is able to turn his thoughts towards other subjects like rivers or woods or caves or mountain fastnesses ratirahassya refuges in times of distress.

At this time, Panchala or Kanauj, ruled by Raja Bhoja was the most powerful principality. Her breasts are firm and prominent, although her frame is delicate.

These types are according to Babhravya— Transl. So far, you have been told about the duties of a wife in a summarised form. Bhramaka Pleases with speech.

The Ardhachandra nail-mark is curved like a crescent moon, and most suitably made on the breasts, ratiraahsya neck and the throat. Vadava — See R. The Shyama type belongs to the phlegmatic class.

He has similarly described the mucous odours of Harini, the Vadava and the Hastini. When the woman holds her toes with her fingers and the man places her thighs on his knees, while circling her neck with his hands, it becomes the 22 Samyamana. On ending the union, the woman cries and breathes fast.

A woman of the Shyama category possesses glistening nails, eyes and teeth. Their knees and limbs are not absolutely straight; their nails are beautiful and their fingers exceedingly long; their eyes are large, long, aquiver.

Thus, there are twenty-seven Ratas based respectively on the organic proportions, the timings of the flow of their fluids and the intensity of their hbido, when a union takes place between a man and a woman. Mitinina figure from the south-east of the Jagamohan oj the Sun temple at Konarak.

The ancient Indian mind had a flair for ratieahasya free pursuit of any branch of know- ledge. The translator has done this to some extent in the Introduction here, as well as in his earher pubhcation, the Kama Sutras.

This chapter is called Ratidahasya.

Rati rahasya of Pandit Kokkoka

A woman who is not soft, whose limbs are lukewarm and who prattles excessively belongs to the windy type. Classification According to Jati or Physical Characteristics Having delineated the views of Nandikeshvara and Gonikaputra, the author proceeds to outline the observations of Vatsyayana.

The difference between the two is merely that the woman craves the man without any expectation of the rewards of Dharma. One moment she is angry and the next moment she is happy. Audible Download Audio Books. Chheda is bruising a limb such as the fingers ; Ghata is striking; Kadana is love quarrel. When a woman combines some qualities from rattirahasya of these two cate- gories, she belongs to the medium category.

Her chest is wide, her speech is booj halting. There are two Uchcha Rata higher unions: Accordingly, women can be subjugated easily, if a man bears in mind her provincial peculiarities, her predilection for a particular season winter, sum- mer, etc.

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