Metaphysical bible dictionary charles fillmore

Windsor , Rudolph R. In this dictionary the aim has been to clarify. Windsor pdf , Rudolph R. I've read reviews about the binding of the book.

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These simple ideas, out of which more or less complex expressions have often developed, have been given first; in each case definitions that have developed out of the root idea are given in sequence. This reference is either to the place where the name first appears, to that which explains most clearly the historical facts regarding the person or place for whom or which the name stands, or to the mftaphysical discussed in the metaphysical chagles.

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Jacob is the accumulative idea in process of development under divine guidance. If he were a shepherd, the significance would differ from what it would be were he a warrior, a hunter, or a tiller of the soil.

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One can also gather from the differences and similarities in name definitions something that we have found to be a fact in our experience mefaphysical studying the Scriptures. Windsor From Babylon to Timbuktu: These two men would symbolize different planes of consciousness in the individual.

After the idea of unlimited capacity follows the image and likeness of God, the ideal or divine man.

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By doing this a person will come to appreciate, as he can in no other way, the patient, faithful effort that culminates in the production of such books as this one. The large number of definitions selected in giving the meaning of names metapysical help the student to feel his way into many by-paths of metaphysical deduction.

Cana means "place of reeds" the larynx ; and Galilee means "rolling energy, rolling, turning," or, as we say in modern terms, "vibration. Find Rare Books Book Value. fiklmore

An instance of this kind metaphsyical found in Abel, second son of Adam, which should be spelled Hebel, and Abel, the name of several villages. Cloud 9 Books Condition: Mstaphysical White rated it it was amazing Aug 12, Annie Mueller rated it it was amazing Aug 04, Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. We are always pleased when any one learns to go within and get his inspiration direct from his own indwelling Lord or Spirit of truth. Every so-called miracle of His points to the transformation of some function of the body consciousness.

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Metaphysical Bible Dictionary by Fillmore, Charles

Following the definitions given for each name will be found a brief sketch of the individual, or place, with references telling where the name can be found in the Bible. We do not wish to convey the impression, however, that the reader will find herein presented the beginning and the end of all Bible symbology and of the phases of Truth that may be developed from it.

Quotes from Metaphysical Bibl Open Preview See a Problem? On the one hand this name could be filllmore expression for benign ruler ship, kingly qualities, lawful possession, and the like; on the other hand it could stand for despotism, usurpation, extreme selfishness.

Fancy Ruff-wagner rated it it was amazing May 13, Stephen Dill rated it really liked it Feb 10, Haven't read straight through, but great for Bible interpretation. Metaphysical Bible Dictionary 4.

This is due to the spelling in translations, which cannot or does not convey the differences in the Hebrew spelling. Kessinger Publishing, LLC, This perfect man was the image and likeness of Elohim, described in the 1st chapter metaphysicla Genesis. We're not a giant, faceless warehouse organization!

Many of the Hebrew words that form the basis of proper names derive from pure abstractions, and thus have acceptations that may be either good or bad.

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