Harmonium ragas

Thank you for imparting this great treasure to everyone who is interested. Welcome to our blog. In the allround cacophony of socalled music and the present generation completely immersed in the mobile world, this site is a wonderful treasure trove of our great music heritage. This is a wonderful site.

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Unknown October 20, at These are veryvery uniquely designed contents. I have been harmonkum for hindustani classical music online learning resources, and this place is the best I have found. The articles in this niche seems helpful for people interested in singing. I got introduced to the world of ragas inalmost by accident.

Johns Academy August 24, at 5: We are showing small letters to show Mandra or Kharjaa saptak frequencies are lower than normal or Madhya Saptak.

Ragas and Hindustani Classical Music

Raag Bhimpalaasi 5 Lessons 1 Lesson 7. Just listen and sing along. I'd be grateful if you could share this with your readers if appropriate it is a link to my brand new ragss book of 24 Indian Sitar Raags completely reinvented for piano, plus a whole load of instruction and musical examples.

We denote komal swars on this blog by marking a k in front of them. Anonymous February 1, at 3: Unknown March 30, at Among the seven basic swars, only one, ratas is, Ma becomes Teevra when its frequency is higher than its Shuddha form and its place next to its Shuddha swar's place on the keyboard or on the harmonium.

Please keep ragae the good work. Thanks madam harmonihm making it easier for ussuch a great learning platform for me and many others like me. Thanks for this amazing website Anonymous August 30, at Anyway thanks for your effort. April 19, at This website is really amazing it helps me out in my singing.

Raag Bhairav 2 Lessons - 5. Anticipating soon for another significant popular ragas on this blog.

My sincere thanks for the efforts. Johns Academy of Music.

Learn Raaga Basics

I have been searching for something like this for a long time!!! Most of the data here is gleaned from information available on the web.

I myself used to practice harmonium daily.

Thank you for visiting our blog. Thanks for this amazing website.

For indian classical music,hindustani classical music,hindustani music lessons,please visit http: Really appreciate your initiative. Sir, Thank you so much for such a great information on basic ragas for the beginners. It's such a beautiful song but can't understand the real Raga for it.

Here, we present audio resources teaching the basics of various Raagas in Indian Classical Music.

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