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The hillock in the rear with its lush green top acts as a fitting background. The opening of a well equipped Li brary cum Reading Room within the main building has greatly facilitated hundreds of visiting devotees to get acquainted with old as well as latest Sai literature in all languages and to avail themselves of necessary facilities for taking down notes and make Photostat copies of extracts. I prayed to Swami and started moving it. Well-wishers have suggested that the reading of the first three chapters, sounded a little bit not in tune with the quality of the reading of the subsequent chapters.

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Krishna Kumari is a Doctor by profession, a Writer by temperament, a Devotee by conviction, and a dedicated Counselor with a humanistic approach.

REVISED-Bhadra Kalyanam by Dr. K. V. Krishna Kumari - Reading by Prof. V. Viswanadham

Operation is over, successful. She has received many National and International Awards.

Her father, Late Dr. Soon after I had this vision, word came from the operation theatre conveying the same message. Please see your browser settings for this feature. Sri Sathya Sai Books and Publications Trust, or the Book Trust as it is often referred to, is headed by the Convener, as the chief functionary, managing day-to-day administration.

Understandably, boko book can be read only by those who can read and understand Telugu. People lack time or don't know reading Telugu can now get the benefit of reading the book by hearing it on gook net. Several such books have been published by the Trust during the past two decades.

She was the daughter of King Dhrishtaketu and his wife Shrutakirti, the sister of Kunti and the sister or cousin of Vasudeva Krishna's father and thus Krishna's cousin. At Hyderabad, my son underwent surgery. A very useful attempt. Viswanadham - favorite favorite favorite favorite - May 27, Subject: It appears your ghadra does not have it turned on.

Bhadra Kalyanam by Dr. K. V. Krishna Kumari - reading by Prof. V. Viswanadham Part-1

She considers this work as reflecting her sincere devotion, spiritual discipline and dedication to service. I would like to know whether pdf version of Bhadra kalyanam Book is available online for free download?

Jaya, a housewife, relates a few of her experiences of the Divinity of Bhagavan in her own wards. Last week, the entire book was read and uploaded.

Your efforts are invaluable for every one who came across these treasures and those who will eventually. It was a major surgery.

Buy Bhadra Kalyanam online - online Telugu Books

He recovered very fast owing to Swami's grace. Sri Viswanadham garu has read each chapter with the feeling and emotion needed for it. Marriage should never be a mirage!

For international buyers, in view of heavy postal expenses, the price has been fixed at a higher level, and personal enquiries can be made by the intending buyers. I sat outside the operation theatre writing Sri Sathya Sai likhita japam.

I have read this book two times and going through the audio files for the 2nd time. At around 10 p. At that time I had an eye on a girl belonging to a family related to us and wanted to have boook as the second daughter-in-law. Insomeone presented me the book 'Bhadra Kalyanam' by Dr.

The various units of the Book Trust located therein include a spacious Book Stall on the ground level, the ghadra and video sales section on the mezzanine, the audio and video recording room on the second level, and the Administrative Office, Sanathana Sarathi Office, the Multimedia Room cum Theatre, Conference Room and the Library on the 3rd top level.

The popular book has run into 27 editions so far. The hillock in the rear with its lush green top acts as a fitting background. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In case, you are reading this uploading, for the first time, no problem, you can continue reading the rest of the chapters.

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