Shivprasad koirala net interview questions 6th edition

It also focuses on in-depth concepts of C ,. Usually delivered in days? Please do grammar check before publish. Explanation is very good.

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Not all topics are covered at good length but pretty useful. NET project guidelines along with sample code to drive the concepts home. Content review needs t The DVD will also prove helpful in preparing a resume for the profile, including a sample resume and. Very much useful for interviews even for freshers. Arka Dutta Certified Buyer 30 Sep, This book is not only useful for Interview preparation but also for learning several DotNet concepts. Flipkart Customer Certified Buyer 18 Feb, Usually delivered in days?

One suggestion for ev Most of the qusstions are covered by this book. Thanks my family will never forget you author. Sjivprasad also focuses on in-depth concepts of C.

This book is really nice, organized in a very good way, there are lot of improvements compared to older versions. But subscription to Questponddvd.

The book targets freshers with little knowledge of C trying to prepare for interviews. When my interview with accenture was going on i felt as if the interviewer is reading from this book.

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So definitely this book is worth. Vigneshkumar Appiya Certified Buyer 30 Oct, Some of these are. Not just the experienced, but freshers as well can use this book as it will be helpful to identify the topics and cncepts they have to stress on.

Concept oriented When i was trying to use the CD is not readable. Educational and Professional Books.

Explanation is very good. There is a CD included which contains code, as well as some videos which are very useful. Almost each and every point is covered in this book.


NET Interview Questions 7th Edition is a comprehensive book for Computer Science undergraduates and professionals taking up interviews for. This book contains some spelling mistakes but a good buy at this price So who have less number of knowledge in.

Before going to interview must read all the questions given in this book. NET interviews across the industry as it goes beyond the conventional texts by preparing students for negotiating salaries and guiding them from the start to the finish of the interview.

Sridhar kaiganesh Certified Buyer 5 Aug, Please do grammar check before publish. This is a good book for final round of brush up and quick heads-up on some of the key topics. I can not say anything more i got a job.

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