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We did not declare the objective of the research to investigate the perception of noise so as not to influence the respondents in the first part of the questionnaire, which sought to spontaneously identify noise as a harmful agent. Copyright Creative Commons Attribution 3. The students of the YAE are largely people who chronologically returned to study outside the conventional timeframe. The study sample consisted of students who were attending classes in and had conditions to read and interpret the data collection protocol. The population exposed to urban noise, even though aware of its presence, has no awareness of the effects that it can cause, which hinders initiatives being taken aimed at minimizing these effects.

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This is an exploratory research, of descriptive character, held in March Journal of Neurological Surgery Part A: The results of this study sheds light on the importance of educating youth and adults on issues related to noise pollution.

Cultivating vegetable gardens in crates only requires small spaces, and raw vegetable peelings thrown in the bin were used to create organic compost for the garden itself. The minimum age to join the YAE is 15 years old for elementary and 18 for secondary education, with no maximum age limit.

Zoom Original jpeg, k. According to Ribas, Nazareno, and Schmid,[ 13 ] the population must become aware of noise and act to seek solutions, whether in the public or private sphere, changing habits and attitudes, including inside their own leu.

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As atividades foram organizadas e orientadas por quatro professoras da respectiva unidade escolar. As noise and hearing loss do not appear, they are invisible to the eye, several times it is not perceived as something negative. Contents - Previous document - Next document. The system offers grades 5 to 8 of Basic Education and complete High School.

Given this context, our research had the following goals: Loud sounds, known as noise, are present in a variety of activities and environments that people experience, with much being said about the damage noise causes to the human being in current research. YES Is it included in the subject of Geography?

Nevertheless, the entity claims there is a need to study noise as this situation involves the world population at a large scale. When the interviewed teacher [ Table 3 ] states that he includes noise as a topic in the discipline that he teaches, it becomes, even if modestly, a means of spreading knowledge.

All signed the Free and Clarified Consent Form. In lwi to critically building their own foundations, preventing noise exposure, and avoiding its sequelae, the students become diffusers of such learning with their actions and knowledge in the immediate environment in which they live. This reality, based on other Brazilian and even international publications, reflects the way society as a whole deals with the issues of noise pollution. This research is justified given the limited number of Brazilian studies available on the perception of noise among students from Youth and Adult Education schools YAEwithin an Environmental Lel approach.

In any case, if we do not create expectations of a certain event, it will hardly be valued as important.

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Activities such as these contribute towards making the school not just a place for formal education, but also a centre for teaching and disseminating measures that could yield immediate results in terms of raising the quality of life of the school community. The data in [ Table 2 ] reinforce the information that the sample studied does not value and, therefore, does not adequately perceive noise. Keywords perception - noise - schools - environmental pollution.

YES Is there sufficient time to address the issue in the subject?

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In this context, Environmental Education lfi in schools in general, would be the ideal location for the development of these skills. Those who state that noise is harmful to health are contradictory when exposed to loud sounds in leisure activities or producing noise without caring about neighbors, for example.

Does the school carry out actions aimed at the prevention of noise?

NO Was the topic addressed in your teacher training? We excluded from the sample students who did not understand the research terms.

It is also necessary to think that it is common the sense of resignation and impotence before issues and ,ei involving modernity, among them noise pollution. As receitas destes alimentos foram divulgadas entre os participantes do projeto. The population exposed to urban noise, even though aware of its presence, has no awareness of the effects that it can cause, which hinders initiatives being taken aimed at minimizing these effects.

The mean age was Do you make noise capable of disturbing your neighbors? In this sense, Geography can contribute significantly, as it studies the set of natural and human phenomena, lej are aspects of the Earth's surface, considered in their distribution and mutual relations.

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