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I have sent suggestions several times but they never answer my reports or suggestion. Below I will list some useful websites links for medical students and doctor. Also be aware of the specific energy requirements for actually participating in the test itself. For example Mayo clinic sites for patients, or the Merck manual Home health Family edition.

Rotomolding process

Spin casting should not be confused with either, utilizing self-curing resins or white metal in a high-speed centrifugal casting machine. Another cost advantage with rotational molding is the minimal amount of material wasted in production. In the heating stage, the heat taken from the hot gas is absorbed both by the mold and the polymer material. Voelke used this method for the hollowing of wax objects. Because of the smaller heating chambers, there is a saving in heating costs compared to bi-axial machines.

Franck hertz experiment

However, Bohr assumed that only a specific series of binding energies occur, which correspond to the "quantum energy levels" for the electron. During the experiment the current, I , is measured and will usually be output through an oscilloscope or a graph plotting machine. C - The current is at the 1st maximum. Experimental Setup The main part of the experiment is the Franck-Hertz tube which is pictured above.