Al maktaba shamila

Well, just follow the steps described above to get what you asked for. Is the software compatible for windows 8? See if the Launch an Application button is checked. This is the site:

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You just need to download and run the file and it will ask you to choose a place to extract the files to. Asalaamualaikum I have Ubuntu linux - am unable to get the setup the library.

Hope you will be fine. Click on Clock, Language and Region 3. Install the Program Fua Raza Khan Yes it is compatible with Windows 8. The Shamilah team once said they were working on it but so far it is not out.

It is installed and everything correctly opened except its installation in control panel. You can use this app to read. But an easier way to download them is to visit this link: Download software from following link Salim Hannure, Pune. Dear Admin I have downloaded shamila in my laptop and i am using windows 7 home.

You can download and use Maktabah Shamilah for free without having to buy it. I would like to ask if there is aversion that can run in android smart phone or Android Tab or Ipad?

download shamila – Islamic Library

whamila Then download a book. Brother, I cannot provide you with a CD of the Shamila. You can use the online version, though: Please modify the language options in control panel to enable support for Arabic programs. As for importing books, I have explained it in the post above so please read it there.

Maktaba Shamila on Windows 10

Maybe you are not doing the search properly. You can use 7zip for the extraction: No it will not affect the speed unless you are low on disk space in the first place. Rather just install it as a Windows program ie on the Desktop like you would on any other version of Windows.

If there is not then it could indicate that there is a problem in your computer. Nashrudin Ahmad I am not aware of any version being available for Windows Phone. Assalam Alaikum akhi, JazaakAllaah Khayr!

If you have a question or comment please put it in English or in Arabic. There are unofficial ways to do that I myself have shzmila it on iOS devices.

Can you please repeat that more clearly? Up to this date there is no official version for android devices. You can also download Arabic books from: How I enter this softwear. Then open the file to install it into a folder. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Jazakallah khair for mentioning the software. I would have loved, from the bottom of my heart, to send you not only one copy but tens of copies only if I could. Another issue is that there is maktabz copyright on the original works of the scholars themselves, but only on re-publications done by different printing companies.

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