The lost keys of freemasonry

These higher ideals, these spiritual concepts, these altruistic, philanthropic, educative applications of thought power glorify the Builder; for they give the power of expression and those who can express themselves are free. Lists with This Book. The day has come when Fellow Craftsmen must know and apply their knowledge.

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The Lost Keys of Freemasonry

The quarries represent the limitless powers of natural resources. The Master Mason embodies the power of the human mind, that connecting link which binds heaven and earth together in an endless chain. Religions are groups of people, gathered together in the labor of learning. It has been stated in Scripture that God was the Word and that the Word was made flesh.

The Lost Keys Of Freemasonry - Manly P. Hall

He is identified by the code which is his source of illumination. How long will it take King Hiram of Tyre, the warrior on the second step, symbolic of the Fellow Craft of the Cosmic Lodge, to teach mankind the lessons rhe sel f-mastery?

All initiation is the result of adjustments of the evolving life to the physical, emotional, and mental planes of consciousness through which it passes. Suddenly the heavens opened again and a shaft of light bathed the form of Hiram in a glory celestial.

The Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man were united in the completion of the Eternal Temple, the Great Work, for which all things came into being and through which all shall glorify their Creator. He must realize that the ancient mystic teachings as perpetuated in the mo dern rites are sacred, and that powers unseen and unrecognized mold the destiny of those who consciously and of their own free will take upon themselves the obligations of the Fraternity.

But seldom does man understand the mystery that has been unveiled. If possible, read it as you progress through the first three degrees for freemaasonry insight.

A religion is a divinely inspired code of morals. When we have Masons like this the Craft will again be operative, the flaming triangle will shine forth with greater lustre, the dead builder will rise from his tomb, and the Lost Word so long concealed from the profane will blaze forth again with the power that makes all things new.

No true Brother seeks anything for himself, but uns elfishly labors for the good of all. Through the perversion of human emotions there comes into the world untold sorrow, which through reaction, manifests in the mental and physical bodies.

The text can be read with profit by both new and old Mason, for within its pages lies an interpretation of Masonic symbolism which supplements the monitorial instruction usually given in the lodges. Up on its trestleboards are inscribed the sacred truths of all nations and of all peoples, and upon those who understand its sacred depths has dawned the great Reality. I can hear Hiram Abiff, my Grand Master, crying out in his agony, the agony of life hidden within the darkness of its prison walls, seeking for the expression which I have denied it, keus oring, to bring closer the day of its liberationand I have learned to know that I am frfemasonry for those walls.

The successful candidate wbo did pass between the pillars entered pf temple, keenly realizing his sublime opportunity, his divine obligation, and the mystic privilege which he had earned for himself through years of special preparation.

In the first state he must gather these materials, and those who have not gathered them can never true them. We may now consider the spiritual reguirements of one who feels that he would freemqsonry correlate himself with that great spiritual fraternity which, concealed behind the exoteric rite, forms the living power of the Entered Apprentice lodge: This advancement is not the result of election or ballot, but is an automatic process in which, having sensitized his consciousness by his life, he thereby attunes himself to the next succeeding plane of expression.

Here are the outlined ideology of Masonry and a history of the mystery schools. The Key of Solomon the King. For him both points of the compasses are under the square; for him the reasons which manifest through the heart and mind - the two polarities of expression are darkened and concealed beneath the square which measures the block of bodies.

Conseguently, he must devote himself to the study of his own being and its mysteries and complexities. A Mason is not proud of his position. When the Master's heart is as pure and white as the diamond that he wears, he will then become a living stone-the crown jewel in the diadem of his Craft.

Every soul is engaged og a great work - the labor of personal liberation from the state of ignorance.

The Lost Keys of Freemasonry by Manly P. Hall |

Arts, sciences, and religions are monuments standing for what humanity has already accomplished. He must be ready at any moment's notice and his life should be turned into preparing himself for og call which may come when he least expects it.

No tue shall I speak until ye have found and rais ed my beloved Son, and have listened to the words of my Messenger and with Him as your guide have finished the temple which I shall then inhabit. Not a Mason himself, he has read the deeper meaning of the feeemasonry. Man i s given by Nature, a gift, and that gift is the privilege of labor. Thoughtful in all things, the aspiring candidate to divine wisdom attains reality in sincere desire, in meditation, and in silence.

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