Stick control george lawrence stone

Try different feels as you play the exercises. The time now is There are some nice metronome mobile apps that can help with that.

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I use Tempo Advanced for iOS, which you can program to increase in tempo as you play.

George Lawrence Stone

Find all posts by EvilDrummer. The name of the book says it all!

Send lawrene private message to Swiss Matthias. Then you move on Lets say at bpm you've played 12 bars and ooops its not right, then restart at bar 1. Send a private message to rstix.

I am a marching snare alumnist AND a set player. Those first three pages only focus on singles doubles and triple strokes.

George Lawrence Stone - Wikipedia

He was a very gentle kind of man, and he had a good sense of humor. If you make a mistake in bar 15 say, stop and start the count again.

I remember working out of this book a couple years ago but never got very far. This book is really helping me to learn to control my sticking and, believe it or not, I am beginning to hear certain rythums that really sound great on a set. George Lawrence Stone lawrebce Stick Control. Swiss Matthias Platinum Member. I top out atthen it takes me back down to 60, again in increments of 5 bpm.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. He was asked how he stays in shape and what's he practice regiment like. I agree with everything said so far.

Well at first maybe but once you get comfortable with the exercises I've found the best way for me it is to play through a whole page playing every exercise maybe times. Send a private message to ronyd.

I am working my way through Stick Control: Alen Siljak 5. Yes, "20 times" simply means repeat the exercise for a while in order to train the "muscle memory". Remember that there are a lot of other techniques and skills that you won't come across just using those stickings though.

While playing, pay attention to how you hold the sticks, how they sound, how much rebound you get, and where to stop georbe stick technically, which stroke to apply - full, down, sticj, up in order to prepare for the next stroke while exerting minimal additional effort.


Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. One drawback of this book cobtrol that there are no accents at all, and no dynamics. Hope this, as well as, everything else that's been said helps you out. This allows me to practice each exercise the set number of times 20 times going up, another 20 going downat several tempos, without stopping.

Send a private message to KASdutch. Originally Posted by EvilDrummer. Find all lawrdnce by rstix. All stick heights are the same. Even if you are playing the sticking of a paradiddle. Definitely get the book, Like Evil said there are other great exercises throughout.

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