Besides, the number of data segments is repeatedly carried over from previous data blocks. The public delegate as a verifier will learn the identity of the signer on each session from a unique electronic binding between an identity and a public key via a digital certificate. Similarly, if the signer attempts to willfully create two more valid signatures after interacting with the requester once, it is practically impossible for to guess a random signature ,. Instead, a user can obtain a signature and verify it only through scalar multiplication of points on elliptic curves, for example, point addition and point doubling. Low efficiency and high cost of such summation, and the case that any arbitrary scheme cannot guarantee security.

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In the field of e-form systems, a number of studies investigate the ability of the blind signature to fulfill the basic properties of blindness and untraceability. The other parameter value is not an easy attempt that reverses a hash function.

Also, the requester computes the nonce message digest value and the unblind operation is governed by In this setting, sigbcryption associated security parameters must be chosen carefully so that the DLP remains hard in certain groups. Research has proven its benefit in improving efficiency in several applications such as three-party communication environments [ 33 ], key management for wireless sensor networks [ 34 ], and multiple receivers for firewalls [ 35 ].

Recommended articles Citing articles 0. Table 3 summarizes the comparison results between our scheme and the existing similar blind signfryption schemes in terms of computational costs.

Security and Communication Networks

To ensure that digital communication containing sensitive information remains relatively accessible and secure to the masses, the need of proper security measures should be applied for such data access. Table of Contents Alerts. Similarly, if the signer attempts to willfully create two more valid signatures after interacting with the requester once, it is sifncryption impossible for to guess a random signature.

The choice of confidentiality and signcgyption would be made based on the level of security desired by any digital signature scheme in conjunction with a public-key encryption scheme. The sequence of left or right shifts corresponds to zigncryption function as Finally, Section 5 concludes the paper. The Proposed Scheme In this section, we introduce a secure and efficient blind signature scheme, which embeds the signcryption technique in the mutual authentication procedure for singular or multiple electronic message contents based on the ECDLP.

The bit-reverse operation is similar to the forward bit shifting trick from 14but it is intended for operating in the opposite direction on individual bits.

More recently, Vanstone [ 23 ] has proved that elliptic curve cryptosystems based on the elliptic curve discrete logarithm problem ECDLP provide greater efficiency than those cryptographic algorithms for the IFP and DLP. For any messagethe signcrypted text is obtained aswhere denotes the sender and is the receiver. Our research contributions aim to improve adoption of the security requirements and to increase the speed of information transmission for multiple blind signcrypted messages.

According to the message from the requesterthe signer first checks whether the received message is original or not. Furthermore, each portion of the ciphertext that is given the corresponding coordinate position and is embedded in the encoded text as given in 17 is quite dependent on all message blocks. We follow additional steps to increase operational sugncryption, and especially of that data is traveling across networks.

Signcryption - Wikipedia

In this phase, blinds the message and does not know the contents of the message. A prime number such that. Hence, this scheme can achieve the untraceability or unlinkability property signcryptipn a blind signature. The paper is organized as follows. By continuing you agree to the use of cookies.


Apart from providing the crux properties of blindness and untraceability, some additional characteristics like authenticity, confidentiality, correctness, integrity, nonrepudiation, and unforgeability as formalized requirements from previous works [ 561618 — signcryyption ] are incorporated in the proposed scheme to make it stronger as well as more useful for various applications.

In the next section, we briefly introduce the RSA-based blind signature form, ECC-based blind signature protocol, and signcryption manner, respectively. Signcryption provides the properties of both digital signatures and encryption schemes in a way that is more efficient than signing and encrypting separately.

It is interesting to note that either the DLP or the IFP over a prime field appears to be of roughly the same degree of difficulty [ 2122 ]. Our scheme comprises the following six phases: And all the corresponding plaintext data sets can be recovered from the relevant ciphertext blocks as an expression of the sequence form.

In spite of imposing more sophisticated manipulation techniques, signcyption nature makes the proposed solution bear strongly secure structure and effectively prevent unwanted network intrusions. View at Google Scholar C. Thus the verifier needs these things to get the original messages back.

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