I tried a gentle pry while rotating but got nowhere. The spring between the adjuster and the valve tends to have some memory or coil wrap up. Then test B4 pressure tap, It should be parallel to C

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If you have adjusted to this point, you are beyond resolving a problem with a aw55-50snn adjustment. Typical C-1 pressure is in Park. Normal flow in Drive with TCC released is 1. The oil pressure forces S4 into an unnatural ON position because of the failed return spring.

Lube pressure will be affected by the fluid viscosity flow rate and the bushing to shaft clearance.

AW55-50SN no third gear

We have had incidents where the person rebuilding the transmission and the person installing the transmission not talk to each other. Ensure the end plugs at these valves are sealed and secondary regulator bore is not worn or this pressure is either lower, or too high.

Can't make sense of it now; I give up Moderators please help.

When this bolt is taken off to fill the transmission with fluid, the band will aw55-50en out of position. This converter requires multiple valves, along with the rear pump bushing, to control modulated TCC apply see Figure 3.

That inspection should include all the removable sleeves, both aw55-50sj valves and the solenoid modulator bore. Check SLT pressure and C-1 clutch. Lube pressure and flow in the SN, is low in comparison to other units. If the pressure curve of both C-1 and B-4 are parallel, C-1 initial engagement is near 50 psi, and the is harsh, the vehicle may require a flash update, but perform a key cycle and numerous drive aw5550sn first.

Slot for bracket requires connector up Wide bracket Long manifold 1. The solenoid can be adjusted if a pass-through hole has been located in the cover during bench rebuild. No TCC flow drop upon engagement or shifting.

AWSN no third gear | Search Autoparts

Slot for bracket requires connector up Narrow bracket Short manifold 1. The converter clutch may remain fully applied at very low speed and high load, which taxes the fluid and lining, creating a break-away slip or RPM fluctuation. Due to the many years and applications, it is a transmission ae55-50sn shows up regularly for service and repairs.

The turbine sensor hole can be use to improve the fill speed. The correct adjustment on SLU will increase cooler flow.

AW55-50 Solenoids

Did a chassis swap The SLU access will be at the top, left corner. Compare the B-4, servo apply pressure, to the C-1 clutch. This modification will increase lube and converter feed oil flow. Symptoms my '01 XC70 has are: Verify with SLT amperage, then check for codes and electrical issues. Last edited by precopster on Tue Feb 04, Bracket changes on Linear solenoids. Post Reply Search Advanced search.

The spring between the adjuster and the valve tends to have some memory or coil wrap up. Pre-measure the adjuster, remove the threaded adjuster, then the valve from the solenoid. Google [Bot]janrangieoragex and 48 guests.

That box was running on transmission dirt!

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