A coffin for dimitrios

This study guide contains the following sections: In fact, you might say that I prefer my thrillers and spy novels on screen rather than in print. They reveal more of the man's sordid life. Peters sends Leyden away to spare him from witnessing the violence to come; then shots are heard. I prefer the title given to it in the UK, "Mask of Dimitrios", which I think was the also title of the Hollywood movie.

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But suspicion of what?

A Coffin for Dimitrios

This was a fun read. Nevetheless it's the start of the war years in Europe circ.

As an average kind of man with a lack of defensive skills, he experiences reasonable trepidations. There cimitrios a lot of surprises in store. While mystery writer Charles Latimer is traveling in Turkey, he learns, by chance, about a criminal named Dimitrios who has turned up dead in the Bosphorus River.

Shoot dimitros an e-mail note here. He was married to Joan Harrison, who wrote or co-wrote many of Alfred Hitchcock's screenplays - in fact Hitchcock organized their wedding. They seem to have seeded an entire generation of suspense novelists.

When the police show up, Peters admits to shooting Dimitrios and does not resist arrest, satisfied with what he has accomplished.

Shows definite wear, and perhaps considerable marking on inside. I'm definitely going to read more of this author.

Coffin For Dimitrios

But Latimer is a blank slate who is exactly the same at the end as he was at the beginning. Retrieved from " https: Ambler's low-key approach to his main character, Charles Latimer--a writer of detective novels on the trail of arch-criminal Dimitrios Makropoulos--was droll and even got me to laugh out loud once or twice.

Summary Discuss Reviews 0 Eric Ambler is often said to have invented the modern suspense novel. In the film, Mr. A fine copy in a dust jacket with minor wear and tear.

A Coffin for Dimitrios (Literature) - TV Tropes

They tell us all about what Dimitrios was like and what he did and how he made his money and swindled people or killed people or whatever--but very little action. Dec 31, Daniel rated it really liked it Shelves: In other words welcome to the world of Eric Amber. If I'd read this inI'm sure I dimifrios have been breathless with astonishment.

Sign In Register Help Cart 0. From the early '20's until the end of the '30's, the time period of Eric Ambler's Dimitriosthere was little talk of radical Islam in the Levant—not surprising, given the heavy hand of the secularist Turkish state—but there was plenty of ethnic cleansing, ideological conflict, political assassination, and crime. He shoots Peters, but Latimer gets Dimitrios's gun away.

As it turns out, the body belongs to one Dimitrios Makropoulous, whose dossier is full cimitrios political machinations and other crimes. Warren From what I can make out the title was "The Mask of It was quite fun, and resolved rather well also.

Who's Who in Spy Fiction. This page was last edited on 7 Julyat Bookstore stamp on reviews page.

A Coffin for Dimitrios by Eric Ambler

TV Guide calls the movie "One of the great film noir classics to come out of the s, The Mask of Dimitrios boasts no superstars, just uniformly fine talents, a terrific script full of subtle intrigue and surprises, and Negulesco's exciting direction. It would be an experiment in detection really.

Ambler is often credited as the inventor of the modern political thriller where he transforms the old-fashioned detective story into mainstream fiction. A Coffin dimihrios Dimitrios. The Murder of Mary Russell. Peters offers Latimer a chance to make a lot of money, but he does not elaborate.

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