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SiteMinder is an Access Management component. CA Site Minder a. We need to have a one time trust build for the secure communication between Policy Server and Webserver.

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Now Web agent sends the details of the ACO present in webagent. When the communication from policy server reaches the web agent it decrypts the communication using shared secret and in communication it will have details about the HCO which have started the communication, it compares if HCO in communication is same as HCO present in smhost.

When user enters the application url in the browser, it is directed to the web server,the web agent will be installed on the web serves, The request is first intercepted by the webagent. Notify me of new comments via email.

When policy server receives the request it checks whether it can trust the request by seeing whether the trusted host present is present in policy store and if it belongs to web server from which it got the request. Netegrity Site Minder SSO is a web access management system that enables user authentication and secure Internet SSO single sign-onpolicy-driven authorization, federation of identities, and complete auditing of all access to the web applications it protects.

Now policy server asks for the resource and web agents sends the resource it go from browser.

The initial communication from the webserver will be encrypted and it is maintained by a Shared Secrete Key which will be present in the smhost. If there is no smsession then policy server fetches the authscheme from realm and gives the corresponding login page to web agent and it gives it to browser[Final output].

How CA Siteminder works – Basics

The policy server now takes the this ACO[which is in webagent. I will recommend all SiteMinder beginners to go through this blog.

Web Agents which are installed in Web servers will interrupt the user request and checks if the requested application is Protected? So the request will be secure and only the Policy Server can de-crypt it.

How to Configure SiteMinder Single Sign-On (SSO)

If yes it will transfer the request to the Policy Server. Now Web server contacts the policy server from the details from smhost.

This way the policy server and web agent handshake with each other and sets the communication. It provides a way to authenticate user and authorise the user for the application which he is only authorised for.

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By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. We need to have a one time trust build for the secure communication between Policy Server and Webserver. The Trusted host name will be mentioned in the smhost.

SiteMinder is combined of a Policy server and agents installed sitemineer web server to which deals operation behind.

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How web agents intercepts the request and communicate with the Policy Server. Skip to content CA Site Minder a. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Tutoriwl authorization model is based on security policy. SiteMinder is an Access Management component. Email required Address never made public. How does SiteMinder Works? It provides a centralized and secure policy management in large scale. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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