The hounds of baskerville summary

Views Read Edit View history. Watson doesn't completely trust her. By telling her Jack is a married man and was just stringing her along, Holmes gets her to confess that Jack set Charles up and bullied her to stay quiet. Because of the popularity of the novel, Gatiss felt a greater responsibility to include familiar elements of the story than he did when adapting the lesser-known stories.

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In the episode, Sherlock Benedict Cumberbatch and his crime-solving partner John Watson Martin Freeman take on the case of Henry Knight Russell Toveywho 20 years simmary witnessed the brutal killing of his father by a "gigantic hound" on Dartmoor. Novelan invented prose narrative of considerable length and a certain complexity that deals imaginatively with human experience, usually through a connected sequence of events hiunds a group of persons in a specific setting.

As Watson and Henry try to surprise the killer, they hear the same freakish, haunting groan from the Grimpen Mire. Sherlock explains the hound was an hallucination; his father was actually killed by Frankland, who was wearing a gas mask and a sweatshirt with "H.

Suddenly, they hear someone screaming nearby, and then the freakish, haunting groan of the dog from Hell. Mark Gatiss, on writing the horror tone of "The Hounds of Baskerville" [1]. The whole middle baskrville, where Watson stormed off in a huff after being subjected to another one of Sherlock's baroque "that man is left-handed and also has dog hair on one of his socks" monologues, felt slow and flat precisely because there was none of the chemistry between the two leads that we've come to expect from Sherlock.

The episode was based on The Hound of the Baskervillesfirst serialised in ; it is considered one of Arthur Conan Doyle 's most famous Holmes stories, as it was written after Doyle killed off Sherlock and, consequently, sold well.

Henry falls in love with Beryl, his hot-looking neighbor, but her brother, Jack, gets mad. Locking himself in an kf cage, he calls Sherlock, who rescues him. Sir Henry has received an anonymous note, cut and pasted from newsprint, warning him away from the Baskerville moors, and one of his new boots is inexplicably missing from houncs London hotel room. For many years, the region around the Baskerville estate was poor and backward, but when Sir Charles Baskerville returns to claim his estate, Louisa Mellor of Den of Geek believed the episode was "well-schooled" in the horror genre, "with plenty of freaking out and jumping at shadows.

Holmes deduces that the killer is Jack Stapleton, a neighbour who is actually Rodger Baskerville. The novel was serialized in The Strand Magazine —02 and was published in book form in The scenes in Dewer's Hollow, where the hound was sighted, was filmed near Castell Coch. Jack also locked Beryl in her hotel room, but she figured out a way to send Henry a warning to stay away from the mansion. Holmes and Watson find Jack long gone when they rush to his house to bust him. Though he hasn't yet met Mortimer, Holmes sizes the man up simply by studying his cane.

For other uses, see The Hound of the Baskervilles disambiguation. This rating, although a slight drop from the previous episodestill represented the second largest audience in British television the week it aired. Watson meets Miss Beryl Stapleton, Jack's sister, and thinks she's pretty hot.

There was a problem with your submission. How do you make a functional modern mystery thriller from a story so familiar to so many?

The producers were looking for a village in South Wales that was "very English-looking. The Return of Sherlock Holmes.

The Hound of the Baskervilles Summary

Sherlock Holmes and his companion Dr. Learn More in these related Britannica articles: Mortimer is concerned for the safety of the Canadian heir, Sir Henry Baskerville, who is to arrive in London the next day en route to the Baskerville estate in Devon. Watson now seriously distrusts this guy.

Watson, born inhas served as an army surgeon in India, where he was wounded during the second…. She thinks Watson is really Houndds and screams at him to get back to London, because of some danger. In another scene, John notices what appears to be Morse code, but it is unrelated to the case. Holmes and Watson visit Laura Lyons.

The Hound of the Baskervilles - Wikipedia

Throughout the episode, the production crew used split dioptres in certain scenes, a camera technique where two separate camera angles are at the same focus on screen. Jack is hiding in the Grimpen Mire. Nephew of Sir Charles Baskerville, whose mysterious death leaves the young man a load of money.

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