Le livre noir du communisme

Some prominent French intellectuals and politicians, especially those affiliated with or sympathetic to the Communist Party, argued that Courtois had gone too far in drawing a parallel between Stalinism and Nazism as systems that relied on violent terror. Also, for reviews, please consult for the following link. Goodreads is the world's largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews.

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This page was last edited on 1 Novemberat Many observers have rejected Courtois's numerical and moral comparison of Communism to Nazism in livrw introduction. Instead the focus is relentlessly on the murderous violence of the past. The Homeric Hymns Michael Crudden.

The alternative is not to whitewash colonialism or deny its important place in history, but to take the care to examine it historically. According to the chapter, the number of people killed by the Communist governments amounts to more than 94 million. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Le Livre noir du communisme : Crimes, terreur, répression

Social critic Noam Chomsky has criticized the communieme and its reception as one-sided by outlining economist Amartya Sen 's research on hunger. Glib conventions, often connected to the awkward task of describing a lineage that has obvious and multiple variations, make their appearance in other essays. The third part, "L'Autre Europe: Martin raba rated it liked it Aug 26, Several translations of the book were marketed livrs the second volume of The Black Book of Communism: The book on communism, however much it falls short of historical analysis, at least had the virtue of a brief for the prosecution: Pascal Fontaine is a journalist with a special knowledge of Latin America.

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The breakdown of the number of deaths is given as follows:. The crisis of capitalism and the historical memory of communism" PDF.

Le Livre noir du communisme. Crimes, terreur, répression - Livre de Stéphane Courtois

The Reich Security Head Office issued to the commandants a full collection of reports concerning the Russian concentration camps. The farmer in the late Gold Coast who, from the late 19 th century and in the absence of any colonial directive, took cocoa shoots from missionaries and shaped an export economy which operated under social processes distinct from the models of the colonizer and which brought a degree of social mobility for a time to a significant population is reduced to the a cmomunisme figure whose wealth was being drained by Europe p.

There are now several alternative conceptions to bring to the study of colonialism, and the livre noir needs to be seen as one among them. This page section is both riveting and profoundly disquieting. Read reviews of the Black Book from: Non sono riuscita a recuperare la breve recensione che ne avevo fatto.

Le Livre noir du communisme : Crimes, terreur, répression by Stéphane Courtois (3 star ratings)

Black Book of Communism African historians, among others, have made considerable contributions along these lines, but despite useful chapters on conquest, demography, and racial ideologies, such work has little place in this book. This freely expressed penchant livee homicide, Courtois maintains, was no accident, but an integral trait of a philosophy, and a practical politics, that promised to erase class distinctions by erasing classes and the living humans that populated them.

Readers will find this book most valuable for the places and times about which they know the least, and the chapters on India, Indonesia, and Australia may fommunisme be informative to francophone readers.

The ethical communksme political implications of invoking descent rules for the inheritance of blame are far from clear. Many excerpts from primary sources appear, some vivid and compelling, few long enough or contextualized enough to contribute to analysis. Defying Hitler Sebastian Haffner.

At times, these exchanges bore only a scant connection to the book itself. Activists among colonized populations get few mentions in this book, and no consideration at all of whether they might have actually had an effect—except in the unexplained moment of heroic liberation.

T comunisme it liked it Jul 19, Australian Journal of Politics and History: Might not such a way of framing issues contribute to sustaining an essentialist view of race which is one of the worst consequences of the history of racializing ideologies?

Trivia About The Black Book of The Black Book does indeed surpass many of its predecessors in conveying the grand scale of the Communist tragedy, thanks to its authors' extensive use of the newly opened archives of the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe".

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