The user can select their preferred viewing mode including a single-page page-at-a-time viewing mode, a two-page-at-a-time book reading format viewing mode, and a continuous scrolling bottomless viewing mode. Add New LineBreak par. Flow Document Types Display of flow document content and how it appears is dependent upon what object is used to host the flow content. If the viewing mode of the document uses pages, the page navigation controls include a button to jump to the next page the down arrow or previous page the up arrow , as well as indicators for the current page number and total number of pages. Font Family Property Definition Namespace:

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c# - How to convert FlowDocument to string? - Stack Overflow

If you omit it, an InlineUIContainer will be created anyway when the code is compiled. For the purposes of flow content, there are two important categories: Both paragraphs generate identical output.

Blog Stats 3, hits. This allows inserting controls into the middle of a document. You may also leave feedback directly on GitHub.

Flow Document Overview

March 20, Leave a comment. These controls are briefly described below. The text in the string should be preserved.

Block-derived Classes Paragraph Paragraph is typically used to group content into a paragraph. However, in this example, the section has a Background property value of "Red", therefore, the three paragraphs the block inside the section also have a red background.

Note that in the case of page and content, multiples greater than 1 are not allowed. Set the MarkerStyle property to a TextMarkerStyle enumeration value to determine the style of the list.

In contrast, the following figure shows how a similar example with default typographic properties renders. DataContext First of all you have to tell your View where it can get the data from.

March 24, Leave a comment. Feel free to ask. Now we have a FlowDocument with a ListView inside of it, and as you can see from the screenshot, the ListView works just like it normally would, including selections etc.

For example, classes derived from the Block class are used to contain other objects while classes derived from Inline contain objects that are displayed. See Table Overview for more information.

If you have used HTML, this will be familiar to you. Any FontFamily settings on child elements will override this top-level setting. These features can be modified based upon the control used to host the flow content.

Flow Related Classes The diagram below shows the objects most typically used with flow content: This element is the inline equivalent to BlockUIContainer described above. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

Section is used only to contain other Block -derived elements. Display of flow document content and how it appears is dependent upon what object is used to host the flow content. Text decorations allow you to apply the underline, overline, baseline, and strikethrough effects to text see pictures below. Compare to FlowDocumentReaderwhich includes features that enable the flowdocu,ent to dynamically choose between various viewing modes as provided by the FlowDocumentReaderViewingMode enumerationat the cost of being more resource intensive than FlowDocumentPageViewer or FlowDocumentScrollViewer.

Advanced FlowDocument content

Duis autem vel eum iriure. Flow Document Types Display of flow document content and flowdocumment it appears is dependent upon what object is used to host the flow content. You can size it to less than one column by setting the correct pixel width, but sizing is not column-relative, so "0.

The folder reference may be absolute, or relative. Add New Run "Some paragraph text. There is a third type of collection used with flow content, the ListItemCollectionbut this collection is only used with a List.

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