Erich fromm the sane society

But what if the society is Nazi Germany? Published March 26th by Open Road Media first published B The Principle of Communitarian Socialism. User Review - Flag as inappropriate I read this book as a young man, and was impressed with the depth and perception of the material.

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The Sane Society - Wikiquote

There's a problem loading this menu right now. Neither the capitalists, nor the workers, nor any other group, determine their existence but allow themselves to be determined by the dynamics of capital accumulation; in other tue, by things of their own making, as if they had a separate power over them. Man has fallen from nature, and at the same time remained inside it, part divine and part animal, part infinite and part finite.

This book was written about 50 years ago and still up-to date, I just copied this small paragraph that give an idea about the core of Fromm message: In the nineteenth century inhumanity meant cruelty, in the twentieth it meant schizoid self-alienation. Consciously restructuring the institutions of society so that they come to work for human growth, rather than against it, is the task.

Read more articles or advertising? If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? The critique on modern life was anchored by humanism with a hint of anarchism.

Now the admittedly risky alternative of looking into recovering the deeper meaning of Success and Community Belonging is not usually recognized. And is any society perfectly sane healthy? The development of modern society led to the dissolution of these primary bonds.

When you click on a Sponsored Product ad, you socitey be taken to an Amazon detail page where you can learn more about the product and purchase it. I must have already shared many of its views, but I remember having a revelatory feeling as I read it, as if truly learning something about human nature and the world we live in.

As a teenager, I did thoroughly incorporate Fromm's critique, and it changed my life, something I don't say lightly. The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness. Ultimately, his work does provide a hope, however circumscribed, that the higher life of growth is not some naive pipedream of innocent schoolchildren not yet awakened to "the reality of things.

So my first encounter with this book was not a trifling moment in my life -- and it was high time I looked at it again! If man is not free, or lacking sound relations, then he can be destructive instead of creative. View all 13 comments. After an extensive study of psychology and sociology at the universities of Heidelberg, Frankfurt and Munich, he obtained psychoanalytic training at the Berlin Psychoanalytic Institute.

They will turn into 'golems' and destroy the world and themselves because they can no longer stand the boredom of life without meaning.

It's interesting to reflect, too, on the fact that even when this book was published, its formm were familiar, had been examined and dramatized by writers and artists already for a century, as Fromm himself points out. He especially focuses on how requirements of the modern economic machine progressively formed into moral standards for our society and how they forced out the need and largely the possibility for direct, overt authority; how these economic requirements now perpetuate and reinforce themselves through political and social institutions in such a way that from the first years of our lives we want to do precisely what the economic machine, and not the human nature, wants us to do: The sense of threat, the fear of dehumanization, must have been felt acutely in that era.

Societ people politicians, industrials may abuse other people's freedom by enticing them to work hard in order to earn a lot of money for buying things objects, trips so they can enjoy this freedom.

The Sane Society

You don't work on yourself to improve yourself, but to increase your employability. The groups with whom one is at war are, often from one day to the next, looked upon as cruel irrational fiends whom one must defeat to save the world from evil.

There is only one passion that succeeds in fulfilling man's need for bonding with the world and to give him a sense of human integrity and personality at the same time, namely love. In order to escape destruction and achieve happiness, people must be made aware of what makes for sanity and what makes for insanity.

His brokenness lies elsewhere; his sickness is alienation from God, not from himsel Some good diagnosis, poor treatment Fromm has some decent insights into man's problems: Creating true freedom and a healthy society for man and animal, that is the challenge! The author, who was a disciple of Freud and a practising psychologist, delineates what he considers to be a 'sane society' that is to say, a healthy society from a psychoanalytic perspectivehow our society is missing this ideal by a long, long way ; and finally, what can be done to reverse this trend and bring about a state of affairs where such incredible violence no longer passes under the guise of 'normalcy'.

There is little by way of empirical evidence or deductive reasoning, and much by way of simply quoting other thinkers to support his views. For him the human's psyche is not a computer to use contemporary metaphor on which society can install any programs of behavior it requires. To be sure, Fromm recognizes the existence of under-privileged areas and under-developed countries and advocates reforms and foreign aid to alleviate this misery, as if this misery and the co-existing well-being of other areas and social layers were not the two sides of the same coin.

The wisdom here is that should we stubbornly persist in clinging to this higher self's claims, we will pay the price in isolation.

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