Avatamsaka sutra

Rather, the cumulative impact of its profuse imagery inspires heightened states of samadhi, or concentrated meditative awareness. Given how much Huayan Buddhism has to offer contemporary practitioners seeking to deepen their experience and understanding, even in realms outside of practice, it is fortunate that more material about this ancient teaching is becoming available. Waves of phenomena may arise on the surface of the ocean, distorting its ability to mirror plainly; but when the waves subside as the water calms and clears, the ocean mirror again reflects all clearly.

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The first two of these four aspects of Huayan reality clarify the two fundamental aspects of spiritual practice, and indeed of our whole lives: The Japanese Kegon school is descended from the Chinese Huayan. There it gave rise in the 6th century to the Avatamsaka school, otherwise known as the Huayan sect—a movement that reached its climax, as the Kegon school, in 8th-century Japan. University of Hawaii Press.

The Practice of Huayan Buddhism, Endless action arises from the mind; from action arises the multifarious world. Huayan teaching features a range of holographic samadhi instructions drawn from the Flower Ornament Sutra. Inspired by this Flower Ornament Sutrathe Chinese Huayan teachers were able to articulate a profound dialectical vision that is a part of the foundation for all East Asian Avatwmsaka.

In such settings the Buddha teaches that all beings have the Buddha nature, that all phenomena are mutually originating and interdependent, and that, finally, all is Buddha.

Part of a series on. The pilgrimage of Sudhana: The basic teaching of this philosophy of interconnectedness is the fourfold dharmadhatu. The point of these teachings is to lead all beings through the ten bodhisattva levels to the goal of Buddhahood which is done for sake of all other beings.

Huayan models of interconnectedness point to the experience of wholeness that is one of the great joys of zazen. Get even more Buddhist wisdom delivered straight to avatxmsaka inbox! According to Luis Gomez, this sutra can also be "regarded as emblematic of the whole collection. There was a problem with your submission.

Having realized that this world is like a dream, avatamsala that all Buddhas are like mere reflections, that all principles [dharma] are like an echo, you move unimpeded in the world Trans in Gomez, This effect can best be appreciated by bathing in the imagery, as if listening to a symphony, rather than trying to sutta a textbook.

These two aspects have also been described with the terms ultimate and phenomenal, absolute and relative, real and apparent, or sameness and difference. Scholars value the text for its revelations about the evolution of thought from early Buddhism to fully developed Mahayana. Huayan models of the interconnectedness of totality also have implications for modern science.


There can be no abstract universal truth apart from its active presence in some specific causal condition. The Doctrinal Foundations, page In this image, awareness is like the vast ocean surface, reflecting and confirming in detail all phenomena of the entire universe. The term "avatamsaka" means "a garland of flowers," indicating that all the virtues that the Buddha has accumulated by the time he attains enlightenment are like a beautiful garland of flowers that adorns him. Myoe was also a Shingon Japanese Vajrayana priest.

The Avatamsaka Sutra project - Buddhist Text Translation Society

Dharma Realm Buddhist Association. He was particularly adept at devising models and metaphors to illustrate the profound Huayan truths to people. Sign up for our Demystified newsletter and get this free guide. Unfortunately, our editorial approach may not be able to accommodate all contributions.

These stages of spiritual attainment are also widely discussed in various sitra of the sutra book 15, book But the primary buddha of the Flower Ornament Sutra is Vairocana, the Reality Body Buddha dharmakaya in Sanskrit whose body is the equivalent of the entire phenomenal universe, which is known in Buddhism as the dharmadhatu.

This text, preserved in both Tibetan and Chinese versions, deals with the buddha Vairocana Japanese: We can see it either as gold or as a lion. A Dictionary of Buddhism.

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