Hydrogen superhighway

What is the timing of buses from Haridwar to Badrinath? While not as fast as a flight, the knowledge that it was powered by THE SUN, rather than fossil fuels, and had almost no impact on the environment, would make it a highly desirable means to travel. Are Hydrogen trains safe? How does it feel to drive a bus vs a car? Further, the ability of the Hydrogen Super Highway to reduce greenhouse emissions is unsurpassed.

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Public Private Partnership The Interstate Traveler Project has been formed into a Limited Liability Company, registered in the State of Michigan working in the design, production and distribution of alternative energy, where that alter native energy production system is fully integrated into the Rail Conduit Cluster and Utility Substations.

With the automobile accommodations, you can drive your car into a car ferry, and ride in the comfort of your own private vehicle while the car ferry takes you where you want to go without any interruptions. Which is the best area to live in Mississauga, with decent schools and good public transit to downtown? For a more detailed description of how burning gasoline creates so much carbon dioxide, please visit our Hydroponic Highway page.

On that day Justin Sutton was inspired to conceive of an advanced mass transit system when reading a story involving the rail road industry. Under which law and hydrkgen this right of superhighwat of seats for women in buses is given?

Designed originally as an upgrade to the U. So there will be both the forces of attraction and force of repulsion. Directly servicing the ever growing populations of the world with reliable and quickly installed utility conduits for electricity, potable water, fluid waste, liquid and vapor based fuels, and public transportation is our mission.

It would be accomplished without wasting all that petroleum, fuel that could be better used to explore the Atlantic City seashore community, visit Casinos and take in the night sites. Can I travel in the Chapra Mathura Exp.

Are Hydrogen trains safe? With an eventual system size of nearly 54, miles would yield as much as 45 billion watts of continuous electrical power. On that day, the primary requirements of the system flashed into his mind, and he transcribed them onto two sheets of paper.

In this regard, our aim is to provide a continuous revenue stream for municipal governments for the management of public works and the embellishment of parks and other public spaces along with the management of local public transportation services at all levels.

Hydrogen Super Highway

The science of all these problems being significant unto themselves as a business, a municipal responsibility and as a personal plight.

As there is no access of solar energy auperhighway night and it is dependent of weather, there is large requirement of energy storage system. Concentrating on the most efficient design brings about an irreducible magnitude on structure principles.

This page may be out of date. Further, the ability of the Hydrogen Super Highway to reduce greenhouse emissions is unsurpassed. What problem does the Interstate Hydrohen Solve? With 2 hour delays at each end not uncommon today, a 9.

They claim that their 3D position control system provides lateral g-force reduction technology by enabling the transport to shift its orientation in real-time and in 3D just enough so that the transports will experience almost zero shaking or shifting, suggesting bydrogen a person riding it will feel more safe and comfortable than travel by any other rail system.

US Army Col Ret. The possibilities of Mr. Normally, what time does the bus arrive at Mangalore suppose it starts What is the future of urban mass transit in the US?

Inspiration for the Interstate Traveler finally amassed itself on Sunday March 19th, This is probably the most recent and most innovative science in the field of transportation. This technology provides limitless facilities as it has different types of carriers, conduit cluster, and hydrogen energy.

When we look at freight hauling on 54, miles of this system we can easily support 50, Freight Transports that can hold two 40 foot standard hydrrogen containers for a total capacity ofcontainers that can move about the country carbon free.


To mass produce a unified superhoghway conduit system that can be installed anywhere at the lowest possible costthe highest supfrhighway quality, with the greatest efficiency, built from the most resilient materials and is pollution free. The Interstate Traveler is a Semi-Public transit systemriders are registered in advance. You can click here to read one of our Executive Summaries All that's needed is sunlight and a place to mount the tracks!

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