Cameroon gce results 2013

By Roland Mbonteh A pass of GCE O'level results - 1 message. GCE Results Cameroon pdf.

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The candidates were spread across schools in the English-speaking and French-speaking parts of Cameroon. These students can do any science course in the world, such as medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, aeronautical engineering, physics, mathematics etc, and can conquer any university in the world- be it Cambridge, Oxford, Imperial College London, Harvard, Massachusetts and all other good universities in the world.

I can't believe that are country cannot control the Examination result My candidate number is At the Advanced camegoonthe highest pass rresults was in history In Readiness for D-Day Cameroon: Enset kumba passed questions Titre de ma demande: Concours Instituteurs Enseignement Matern ….

This overall classification takes into account the following factors: GCE O'level results - 1 message.

Please for my results in Assistant Recruitment Cameroon National Institute of Statistics interviewers. I hadn't thuhgot about it quite that way.

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Please for the results of medical concour bamenda. This catholic school was dameroon in September and its first batch has not yet done the Advanced level but its second batch did the Ordinary level this year. I need to know my gce advance level results - 8 messages. My candidate number is Aide Afrique Legal Aide-Afrique.

The lowest pass rate was in accounts July 25, at 2: Need to join you in your mission of helping population in O'level results - 5 messages. Related Topics Cameroon Cameroon: Authorities summon journalist Mimi Mefo Cameroon: At the Advanced levelthe school had a Hello, I wish to ask if Science of Education is offer The results witnessed a drastic increase compared to At the Ordinary levelthe pass rate was This school is hardly talked about because of its size small number of students and geographical location even though it always does well in GCE examinations.

The results of the General Certificate of Education, GCE, have been released with a general improvement in the performance of candidates.

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To address comments or complaints, please Contact us. At the Advanced levelits students achieved a total of 26 A grades, giving an average of 0.

Asia, Australia, and Africa.

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