Indian contract act 1872 bare act

The liability of the surety is co-extensive with that of the principal debtor unless the contract otherwise provides Section Each successive order given, while the offer remains in force, is an acceptance of the standing offer as to the quantity ordered, and creates a seperate contract. Principal's right to benefit gained by agent dealing on his own account in business of agency. B undertook to stop his business in a particular locality in Calcutta.

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BARE ACT- The Indian Contract Act, 1872 [PDF]

Similarly, where the terms of a final agreement are too vague, the contract will fail for uncertainty. In other cases the promisor or his representative may employ a competent person to perform it.

This means that whatever is done must have been done at the desire of the promisor and not voluntarily or not at the desire of a third party. To explain, suppose X makes a statement to Y and intends that the latter should believe and act upon it. The Court held that the agreement was valid. There may be a mistake as to quantity or extent of the subject matter which will render the contract void even if the mistake was caused by the negligence of a third-party.

For example, A contracts to sell 8 10 bales of cotton for Rs. But both offer and acceptance must be made with the intention of creating legal relations between the parties.

Equity demands that such money must be paid back.


In consideration of premium the insurer promises to make good and loss suffered by the assured 00 account of the destruction by fire of his property insured against fire. A contract may be discharged by an agreement of all parties to the contract,or by waiver or release by the partly entitled to perfromance.

Such cases 1782 not contracts in the strict sense, but the Court recognises them as relations resembling those of contracts and enforces them as if they were contracts, hence the term quasi-contracts Le. A advertise in the newspapers that he will pay rupees one thousand to anyone who restores to him his lost son. Contracts over the telephone are regarded the same in principle as those negotiated by the parties in the actual presence of each other.

Effect of release of one joint promisor.

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Parties to an unlawful agreement cannot get any help from a Court of law, for no polluted hands shall touch the pure fountain of justice. For example, if A pays an excessive price for goods under a mistake as to their true contratc, the contract is binding on him Leaf v.

This something in return contracr the consideration inxian the promise. The following are the essential ingredients of a pledge: The ownership of the goods remains with the bailor, the bailee getting only the possession. The transaction, is called a Bailment Section It may be said that the contract is the foundation of the civilized world. B shall draw upon him. A proposal, when accepted becomes a promise.

Thus, it applies only to the proximate consequences of the breach of the contract and the remote consequences are not generally regarded.

Application for performance on certain day to be at proper time and place.

Indian Contract Act, | Bare Acts | Law Library | AdvocateKhoj

Bailment is terminated when the subject matter of bailment is destroyed or by reason of change in its nature, becomes incapable of use for the purpose of bailment.

Please Subscribe for more notification. Termination of gratuitous bailment by death. Rai Sham Krishen 34 Cal.

The essential elements of a valid contract are: But he cannot file a suit for the recovery of the compensation [Section ]. In truth, it is not a contract at all.

Release of inian co-surety does not discharge others. A beneficiary under an agreement to create a trust can sue upon the agreement, though not a party to it, for the enforcement of the trust so as to get the trust executed for his benefit.

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