Empire of the moghul raiders from the north

How he lived to lose more battles than he won. If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? May 21, Abhi Gupte rated it liked it. Made history very interesting and brilliantly narrated.

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And then the glimpse we have of his personal experience in the fight doesn't lead me to empathize with the protagonist.

The first volume revolves around the story of Baburheir to the ruler of FerghanaUmar Shaikh. Moghkl epic story of the rise and fall of one of the most powerful and opulent dynasties in history. Praise for Empire of the Moghul: Raiders From the North.

Empire of the Moghul - Wikipedia

Or perhaps even during the scorching heat of Frrom, when I seek escape behind closed doors, in an airconditioned room. Just days before his coronation, he receives word that trouble already brews. Felt like reading a pure 12th STD history ,little diversion should have been added ,but full for war noting else. I gave myself time for thought before writing this review. But he is dangerously young to inherit a kingdom.

Babur constructs a powerful empire, but is faced with another problem when Humayun is seriously ill. I didn't feel anything for him but apathy. Babur though capturing Samarkand many times — always lost him.

All that I knew of the Moghuls were that they were descended from Ghengis Khan; beyond that I knew nothing. There was a problem filtering reviews right now.

Breathtaking stuff - Manda Scott. See our Returns Policy. It is a particularly fascinating account for any historian and for people who are interested in empiree the mind of a ruler.

Fuelled by a desire to outshine his glorious ancestors — Timurlaine and Genghis Khan, the brash and young Babur sets out on military adventures which literally decimate him. Reading this book more often than not involves treading water till either something interesting happens or the book ends, whichever comes first. The characters are dynamic, and the deadly regional politics of alliances and treaties are reflected by the empiree tensions at court - US Historical Novel Society.

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Empire of the Moghul: Raiders From the North by Alex Rutherford - Books - Hachette Australia

I think the book is probably a 3 star or even maybe a 4 star. After reading this book one can understand what Babur faced en route to create his vast empire. Oddly enough, it is two women, Babur's sister and grandmother - secondary characters at best - who seem to have the most defined personalities. The writing is as compelling as the events described and kept me eagerly leaping from one page to the next - Wilbur Smith. This novel in telling of Central Asian and Indian culture of the 16th century does fill a gap in historical fiction of that part of the world at that time period, at least in English.

We had to dodge FARC guerrillas, Colombian paramilitaries and the deadly fer de lance snake, in the latter case wading waist high in rivers — our guide claimed snakes can't bite and swim at the same time!

But here, the husband-wife duo who go by the name Alex Rutherford bring out the essence of Babur's real struggles in his life.

All historical novels need fictional characters and events to hold tight, the canvas on which the tale is painted. However, I would have moghjl it better if the two most important characters depicted in the novel were not fictional.

Raiders from the North

That moghlu perhaps what has helped him to appreciate and give vivid descriptions of places, events and even people, making it easier for the reader to visualise the richness and grandeur of the ancient rulers, their royal abodes, and even the trials and tribulations that the land forces its inhabitants to live through.

A good read and historically correct, but this is not a history textbook and some of the important characters are fictitious. This volume chronicles Following the rise and fall and rise, then fall, then rise of the first of the Moghul or "Mughal", depending on where you read it emperor of Hindustan, Raiders frim the North is an exciting and rather pedestrian historical fiction tue.

See 1 question about Raiders from the North…. Having lost everything, Fergana as w Babur had many opportunities — he was handed Samarkand and Kabul on a platter as he was a Timurid prince.

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