Cavendon hall

One of the younger daughters also speak way too mature for her age and just saying she's mature especially considering the narration and circumstances surrounding her doesn't cut it. I think this has been one of my favourite books I have been lucky enough to have been sent, and as well as being a thoroughly enjoyable book to read, the cover is stunning and will look great on my bookshelf! In this time of uncertainty, one thing is sure: Some circumstances felt eerily too similar to Downton.

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Charles Ingham, the sixth Earl of Mowbray, lives there with his wife Felicity and their six children. If I need to be told something is "obviously" the case then you did a bad job describing it or you're being redundant.

The writing is bad, the characters are bad, and the plot is just annoying. Hey, here's everything that happened in my life since you last saw me - not like it can't wait until we meet in person since apparently it needs to be revealed now. Walter Swann, the premier male of the Swann family, is valet to the earl.

This premature level of detail without even caveendon family tree puts the onus on readers to remember these details when that character eventually made its way into the story. Books by Barbara Taylor Bradford. Insert eye rolling here. Try the Cavendoh edition and experience these great reading features: She turns everyday conversations into exposition dumps. Are there no other ways to exaggerate their apparent beauty?

This book was like reading an episode or several of Downton but something that might have been done during the US Writer's Strike a few years back. Trivia About Cavendon Hall Ca The writing was sloppy, too.

Overall, I think this book needed another year of story and character development and a much better Editor The gender equality shown was also unbelievable.

Its two families, the aristocratic Inghams and their retainers the Swanns, are at odds for the first time in living memory over the course that must be taken to save it.

Cavendon Hall (Cavendon Hall, #1) by Barbara Taylor Bradford

To start with, I absolutely love the era that this book is set in. Jun 29, Mlpmom Book Reviewer rated it it was ok Shelves: Overall, it felt like a Downton Abbey OC fanfic written by a yall teenager with no prior writing experience. I last read Barbara Taylor Bradford decades ago.

It just left me confused. Cabendon kept in journals from the beginning of time. I found the entire book to be a bit melodramatic for my taste, not at all what I was expecting. I thought I would find myself feeling sorry for the Swanns, and in a way I did, especially jall the ending which, by the way, really felt like it had been left for a next book, and I really do hope so!

Cavendon Hall sat on my Amazon Wishlist for months as I awaited it's release. Made it to page 36 and bailed. Charles Ingham, the sixth Earl of Mowbray, lives there with his wife Felicity and their six children: Flawed characters are far more interesting and realistic. I don't want to read badly written unrealistic fantasies when I pick up historical fiction; I expect it to stay true to the genre and the period and not be attacked by modern beliefs.

With all due respect to a bestselling writer with a long run of success, this story reads like a 's tv miniseries vaguely inspired by an American "Downton Abbey" uberfanatic.

Gettato via come spazzatura. Hardcoverpages. Which I have a feeling it will focus more on Cecily and DeLacy.


Also, having the other soldier leading him to his death was another poor decision. I actually quite like her character, but the writing skips around constantly like an indecisive flibbertigibbet and you never get anything more than a superficial glimpse into the lives of the characters.

I almost changed my mind about purchasing this book as I read Amazon reviews, however, I made up my mind and clicked purchase and 10 seconds later, the book was on my Kindle.

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