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If you are familiar with Romanised Transliteration, you can select the Tamil button above and start typing in English. Though you are acquainted with the theoretical methods of performing an act , understand the ways of the world and act accordingly. I want to know about you more. That body alone which is inspired with love contains a living soul:

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Rangan, Baradwaj 19 March Let him do the king's work who can enlarge the sources of revenueincrease wealth and considerately prevent the enlgish which would destroy it.

I do not know how to read Tamil, let alone Sangam Tamil, so my impression and review are based only on the translated couplets. The just man's wealth unwasting shall endure, And to his race a lasting joy ensure.

Being with the king Chapter What avails the guard of a prison? The other state is also good, if others do not reproach it. Do feel free to correspond. If there be those who can speak on various subjects in their proper order and in a thirukuural manner, the world would readily accept them.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The true merchandize of merchants is to guard and do by the things of others as they do by their own. Tirukkural by Tiruvalluvar Translated by K.

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By the continuance of rain the world is preserved in existence; it is therefore worthy to be called ambrosia. You will need no other aid than fearlessness, if you thoroughly reflect on what you are to doand select a suitable place for your operations.

Velusamy and Moses Michael Faraday Eds. Then found by the historians, made availabe to us.

Lokesh September 29, at 3: Sorrow will come upon those who cause pain to others; therfore those, who desire to be free from sorrow, give no pain to others.

Thiukural other gifts have the nature of what is done for a measured return. The head that worships not the feet of Him who is possessed of eight attributesis as useless as a sense without the power of sensation. However, the manuscript remained unpublished and was first reported by the Annual Report of the Cochin Archeological Department for the year to Drew translated the first two parts in prose in andrespectively.

Thiruvalluvar Quotes (Author of Holy Kural - Thirukkural in Tamil with English Translations)

On Tamil Literature of South India. The wise who have conquered their senses and are free from crime, will not covet the things of otherswith the thought "we are destitute.

He was married to Vasuki. Print, folklore, and nationalism in colonial South India. Great job my dear friend. Purity of mind consists in freedom from desire; and that freedom from desire is the fruit of the love of truth.

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While it has been widely acknowledged that Valluvar was of Jain origin [4] [14] and the Kural to its most part was inspired from JainHindu and other ancient Indian philosophies[14] [60] owing to its universality and non-denominational nature, almost every religious group in India and across the world, including Christianityhas claimed the work for itself. Madras HealthJune to October Vidhya September 14, at 2: Avoid thoughts of swindling Chapter Kindness of men of stainless soul remember evermore!

Karunanithiand Solomon Pappaiah. Whose souls the vision pure and passionless perceive, Eat not the bodies men of life bereave. If it be asked what is kindness and what its opposite, the answer would be preservation and destruction of life; and therefore it is not right to feed on the flesh obtained by taking away life.

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