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Also let me know are u working? Can someone please tell me on the Syllabus of Pre KG? The answer i get is that he learnt in school. Probably i should stop myself , so that he wont get Bored when it is taught to them at school..

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The answer i get is that he learnt in school. Thanks for the Quick FB. Can someone please tell me on the Syllabus of Pre KG?

Learnhive | CBSE Grade LKG - lessons, exercises, question papers, and practice tests

Can you please tell me what was the Syllabus in Nursery??? They have worksheets which use matching objects with corresponding letters, some worksheets on numbers and colouring pages. May be i will try that.

Sheetal, May i know which Play School your Daughter is studying? That was useful information.

Sometimes when am too tired, it would be viewing Rhymes in the Laptop Just tell me ,will anyway the ysllabus of these concepts at home make them feel bored at School??? What is general u teach them how do u plan? Academic wise twice a week i make him write alphabets, numbers in a book.

He automatically syllagus to know tht after 5 days of school, its Saturday and that it is time for him to go for an outing and Enjoy Atleast through this excercise them will remember all alphabets and numbers otherwise if they dont practise they might forget.

Hriday, I am a working mom. I am a working mom.

LKG syllabus download

No anyway if u teach them before then kids do well in school, even they feel good about it. Running, Jumping or Playing with Ball or other Physical activities. Yeah few of the concepts which you have mentioned are already introduced to him in School.

Touring around the house is something new. Even am seriously wondering abt this. She goes to Foundation playhome, very new in Malleshpalya.

Syllabus for Nursery/LKG - Bangalore - India

Because my Son also has learnt all these whatever you mentioned from School. Generally ii syloabus be playing with him.

He writes and some animals. Please share on how you spend Quality time with your Kid. I may be running out of ideas soon. I will give him plain white sheets, crayons and sketch pens and tell him to write anything he wants. Probably i should stop myselfso that he wont get Bored when it is taught to them at school. So even some syllabus repeats they learn in a different way. I am wondering what will they learn at Nursery and what further at LKG?

Syllabus for Nursery/LKG

Also let me know are u working? There is more they cover okg science and GK and crafts. Surprisingly he understands these at this small age Hriday, Thanks for the Input.

Also while writing numbers they make them write some beads on a line that will equal to the number they write. Everyday thinking of what to teach him is kind of challenging to me.

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