Joomla start to finish

Add a title and description for the new category. Should be a simple and basic procedure. This is setting up the output for whatever text was entered into the homepage component. Shadows and gradients are your call, considering the new CSS3 properties, and should be decided on a case by case basis. First open up setup.

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Add a title and description for the new category. It is a great joompa for learning how to use Joomla and its full range of capabilities. Hi Robert, Starting from your inspiring website, I have started to try to create a website from scratch using Joomla.

Whether you start a WordPress, Drupal or Joomla website — domain name will be the key element of your website.

For this tut, we will achieve those effects with CSS. Now, zip up this folder and install it to your Joomla installation.

How to Build a Website with Joomla -

I gave the first chunk an aside tag as I feel it tangentially relates to the rest of the content, and the main content gets the article tag as it would be the main area.

Again, this is reading in our script files, and keeping them segmented away from other code. Most of my days end at 4am after thinking, 'just one more adjustment Feed Like Follow Follow Weekly email summary. This is my attempt to aid in the effort; I hope you find it useful. Following that, I manually unset the mootools that is loaded by default.

How to Build a Joomla Template: Start to Finish

stqrt Parameters Advanced and Parameters Component Settings 6. I made the header and footer all black. Robert Mening February 24, at So we installed the PrettyPhoto plugin and its script, but we also need to grab its default images and styling. What do you think of this site?

Jack Blevins January 14, at 3: Once all the files have been extracted, open a browser window and enter the address of your site.

Simply follow the steps in this guide and you should have your very own Joomla site up-and-running in no time! I find this CMS totally insane. Concentrate on parts that either you cannot, or do not want to duplicate, via CSS.

I know there is a lot to this file, but hopefully it makes some level of sense. We need to create an object for it and load its renderer that will allow us to output our custom modules where they need to go. Be sure to change where it says "tutorialtemplate" to the name of your template folder. For example, you can create category-wide settings like SEO elements in Publishing or an image in Options.

Now, head into the sections folder and create a few new files:. Choosing A Domain Name Choosing an appropriate domain name is an important step in creating your Joomla website. Templates make it easy to change the style and design of your site.

How to Start a Website with Joomla

Here are a few tips for choosing a web hosting service: You will find a nice list of finnish components -- components being the way Joomla displays information in an abstract way from logic. Configuring the Banner Display Module In the sidebar, find the first option called Parent and select a category where you want to add this subcategory.

If anything is there, delete it and replace it with:.

Creating and Editing Sections 5. To handle this, we need to make two more edits. Enhancing this will be the easing plugin for some more spice, and localscroll to handle our ups and downs.

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