An imaginary life david malouf

May 27, Catherine McNamara rated it it was amazing. He may or may not exist, he may or may not be the same Ovid remembers encountering as a three-year old in Sulmo Trivia About An Imaginary Life. Spirits that Ovid doesn't believe in drive the actions of the superstitious people and the Child, a confusing and distant human?

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An Imaginary Life

What else is death than the refusal to any longer grow and suffer change? Language and the nature of existence are also themes of the book.

Please try again later. In the first century AD, Publius Ovidius Naso, the most urbane and irreverent poet of imperial Rome, was banished to a ljfe village on the edge of the Black Sea.

An Imaginary Life | work by Malouf |

There's a vibrant lucidity to Malouf's prose that I find so compelling. For reasons which even Ovid seems not to know clearly, the poet, at the height of his career, is exiled from Rome to a small village in the wilds near the Black Sea.

I also really lik I don't think I can rate this book, it is more of an experience than a conventionally plotted or written novel; at times, I found it hard to follow exactly what was going on, but the ending was very satisfying in terms of being consistent with the spirit of the book I have otherwise sometimes found Malouf's books had trouble quite living up to their early promise and I think I will probably re-read it again in a year or two in order to keep trying to understand it more fully.

I have read most of the Metamorphoses and Amores in Latin, and while Ovid grows and learns, without the necessary background I know I wouldn't have enjoyed the story as much. Mar 31, David Sarkies rated it it was ok Recommends it for: Children with access to books reach higher levels of education. As the novel begins, the famed Metamorphoses and The Art of Love poet laments his exile to the desolate commune of Tomis, located outside the Roman Empire on the edge of the Black Sea.

That may be why so much Australian writing has a strong sense of place, and why when we think of important Australian novels they are often ones that feature landscape as a character in its own right.

Dallas Baker concentrates on the exile, and transition to acceptance of the people and environment of th new place. Those themes — of belonging and exile, of how to relate to the environment and to those who are different to us — are core to the debate a what it means to be Australian today.

Particularly as the novel's winding down and Ovid marvels at the steppe landscape he's come to feel a part of.

Published February 5th by Vintage first published The comparison stops there though. This is in the same fashion as how Anne Rice imagined how the child Jesus lived in Nazareth prior to his baptism in Jordan River in her books, Christ the Lord: To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

An Imaginary Life is a daring, abstract fictionalization of the poet Lite years in exile, and while half of me wonders about the choice in using Ovid to tell this story which could theoretically be about any person, real or fictional, the other half of me recognizes that the unique thematic nods to Ovid are no less relevant for being maloouf abstract as Malouf renders them.

His ties to the Great Mother malkuf cultivated, loved, nurtured.

This is one of the most original and unique books i have ever read, or if there are other books like this out there, this is the first i have tried. So much has changed, and in zn way we see the Metamorphoses happening around us. Has some secret admirer kept one of my poems and so preserved it, or committed it to memory? It is that that drives us on to what we must finally become.

An Imaginary Life: David Malouf: Books

This lack of identifiably Australian components is probably why An Imaginary Life is rarely mentioned as a great Australian book that deserves more attention. One dream stands out where Ovid is a rain puddle, moved by the passing sky and clouds and sun as the human soul is moved by emotions and pain.

Return to Dvaid Page. Her behavior was so far beyond her father's tolerance that she herself was exiled to a miserable island where she died. The spirits of animals, plants, the earth, will migrate back into us, to make us whole.

Pillars of Salt Interlink World Fiction. So it is that the beings we are in the process of becoming will be drawn out of us. An Imaginary Life is brief but it is profound, sad and wise.

An Imaginary Life Summary

Malojf excellent book which I highly recommend. Ovid becomes an old man that is looked after by The Child. The journey in An Imaginary Life is an internal one, full of so many wonderful discoveries of freedom that I am left typing this review through tears.

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