The small house book jay shafer

Maximizing market value means becoming episodically more standard, stylish, and in- spectable in order to meet the imagined desires of a potential buyer. Archetypes like the pierced gable are not contrived, but rather turn up naturally wherever necessity is allowed to dictate form and its content. The first of my little abodes was a fourteen-foot Airstream. The chan- nels between the strips will serve as air spaces to vent be- neath the siding.

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It includes all of the same amenities but no wheels. This book is a real book with pages full of good educational information, plus lots of pictures for those who enjoy that type of presentation.

The Small House Book by Jay Shafer : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Also, keep in mind that many of these things can be tucked away while not in use. May 11, Bryan rated it liked it. In this case, a bump- out provides enough space for an additional bedroom or sitting room downstairs.

It might seem that such a process would produce a monotonously limited variety of structures, but, in fact, there is infinite varia- tion within the discipline. Jay Shafer shatters the myth that affordable housing needs to be cheap. In short, vernacular architecture is not the product of invention, but of evolution — its parts plucked from the great global stew pot of common knowledge and com- mon forms. Join Our eMail List and download the Tiny House Directory Simply enter your name and email below to learn more about tiny houses and stay up to date with the movement.

Open Preview See a Problem? I resolved to side-step the well-intentioned codes by putting my house on wheels. Sep 13, Melanie rated it it was amazing Shelves: Sound proportions strike a chord, too. This minority, comprised mostly of singles, may be small, but it is ready to yhe.

Sep 26, Thee rated it liked it Shelves: People who care about the earth and environment! Unlike some other ideas that I've seen presented for more sustainable living, I think that a lot of people could find his ideas to be practical.

Square footage is really the cheapest thing that can be added onto a house. I was offered the opportunity to let people see the book early and I took, but I am not here to force anyone to buy it.

The Small House Book by Jay Shafer

If anyone needs me to build them a tiny house, I've got the info and I'm huse. We can have exorbitance, or we can have the serenity that a sensibly-scaled home affords, but we cannot have both. Others would rather spend their time generating disposable income. BR-2 1 Square feet: What two people see as beau- tiful will vary as much as what they consider to be useful.

Putting all of your glasses, vita- mins and herbs on one deep shelf is going to demand that you dig for stuff that sits at the back.

Jay Shafer's New Small House Book

The last chapter described subtractive design as the means to distilling a house to its essential components. The thw produced under the banner are emall as elephantine as the more expensive option, but with shoddier materials and even worse design. Certainly the most famous example of those whose aspirations for a good name took precedence over good design was Frank Lloyd Wright. These gaps should be cov- ered with aluminum flashing to guard against rodent and water infiltration.

A drastic change of plans seemed unavoidable, but tripling the scale of a structure that had been designed to meet my specific needs so concisely seemed something like alter- ing a tailored suit to fit like a potato sack.

Before things get too finite on the inside, make scale drawings of the front, back and sides of the structure to determine what changes may need to be made there. The orange shag, asbestos tiles, and green Formica would have to go.

The persistent appeal of these little house is some kind of primal thing for me. The house is shown at right with hot rolled cor- rosion resistant steel siding and at boook with the same siding and the wheels removed.

He's done the research, and shares it with you. A place for an air conditioner.

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