Redeployment phil klay

All of them are written in the first person POV, which makes the entire work more personal. There are two ways to tell the story. When Phil Klay walked up on stage and started reading his notes for his acceptance speech, the myriad of emotions running across his face, which he painstakingly tried to subdue, held the audience captive from the first word to the last. What can one do after being in war?

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All the stories felt repetitive and the characters similar.

Redeployment Summary & Study Guide

He has gone to great lengths to write these stories in an authentic way that is largely free of demagoguery. You get a positive reception when people find out that you're a veteran, for the most part, but mostly what people feel very keenly is a kind of apathy: It's unflinching in the reality it presents and it doesn't succumb to neat moralization or tidy answers for the dilemmas the various soldiers face.

The major heh issue I had with Redeploymentwhich may or may not be just my own issue having read The Forever War and Fallen Angels and The Things They Carried and loving all three, is that for the most part the stories don't read as new or original klzy.

However, the author touches on the demands and horrors of war in a dozen fictional tales that are eerily realistic and that feature the agony of redeploymetn and the agony of victory. And I think it makes it all the more powerful.

Prayer in the Furnace. What enjoyment do story collections provide that longer works novels and nonfiction do not? Retrieved December 4, To depict the war, he created a dozen characters, each with a different redeploynent of experiences and perspectives.

People try to come to terms with what they are doing, fight and engage in missions they don't understand.

More redep,oyment and resources for teaching or studying Redeployment. I picked up reseployment book in the airport with no background or expectations but read the book in a half a day -so it kept my interest.

Hopefully filming and getting up a review of this today!

Phil Klay | Author of Redeployment

It's the kind of book that reminds me why I spend so much time reading, it makes all the sometimes dry spells of mediocre and mildly forgettable books all wor Maybe everything is just fucked.

The latter shows how missions can be twisted and misremembered, as one soldier claims responsibility for something he did not do to spare a buddy the consequences of truth.

I want to thank everyone who picked up the book, who read it and decided to join the conversation. I'm not gonna lie, I started and stopped this book three times before I got past the first story. I'm always surprised when I finish a short story collection and realize there wasn't a miss to be found, and that every single piece stood strong all by itself.

These young Americans were thrashed by war, then sent home with physical and emotional wounds so gaping and incongruous with our own lives that most of us had - and still have - no idea how to acknowledge, much less grasp them. Perhaps because it is the thing that tears away all coverings and reveals us as we really are.

Redeployment by Phil Klay review – 'Incendiary stories of war' | Books | The Guardian

View all 35 comments. Follow Us on Facebook. Klay contrasts the gravity of this war of ambiguous missions, with the injection of some levity, for example: There is certainly no fuck you here, this collection of stories about Marines is awesome. Although the stories are told by different characters — sometimes unnamed -- in different roles, the specter of fear and anger and doubt and often an awe and astonishment of the absurdity of where they find themselves comes across loud and clear.

I blast off a review pointing out how bad a shitty poetry is and it is one of my most popular reviews. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Lists with This Book.

What I couldn't get past in those first three sentences was precisely what so rdeeployment of the short stories in this collection depicted so skillfully - the spiritual and emotional maelstrom that our Marines and soldiers were thrown into when they served in the moral void that was Iraq.

The war is truly a life-and-death experience. Jason Sure, it's comparable.

Ex-marine Phil Klay presents us with a dozen short stories about soldiers' lives on the battlefield and back home. And reading this gave me a totally new and eye-opening respect and appreciation for the servicemen and women.

Phil Klay is an ex-marine who served in Iraq.

I wanted to read this book around Veterans Day, to keep soldier stories on my mind.

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