Japji sahib gurmukhi

Countless Yogis detached their minds from the world. Many sing of the Gift, who knows the sign. But Writer of the destiny — None are written on His Forehead.

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The more you describe, the more there is to be known. Countless liars, wander lost in their lies.

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Sing, celestial jewels created by You, with the 68 holy places of pilgrimage. Shiva speaks the Siddhas speak. The Great Giver keeps on giving, the receivers grow weary of receiving. He watches, contemplates and rejoices upon His Creation O Nanak, description is extremely difficult!

No one knows these Limits.

He created the world, with its various colors, species of beings, and the variety of Maya. The Word brings destiny written on one's forehead.

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If one describes them, there is no limit, no end. The scholars speak and lecture. Even these are Your Gifts, Great Giver! Without good deeds, there is no worship. So very many lessons to be learned!

Japji in Roman text

The Word brings the written and spoken words and hymns. The Word brings wisdom and the singing of songs of His Glory. So many melodious Ragas are sung — Where are the singers? With good karmas in past life and His grace is the gate of mukti liberation is found; in Him is everything, states Hymn 4. Having created the creation, He watches over it Himself, by His Greatness.

There is no shortage of those who preach and teach. Lord, all virtues are Yours, none are mine. We move in a relaxed manner in these classes, reciting and studying one or two pauris each week while sharing our experience and understanding of the pauris.

Brahma speaks Indra speaks. Many sing sahhib how He creates and destroys Many sing about how He takes life and then restores it. Personal tools Create account Log in.

Take these Continuing Japji classes and you will be on your way to what you just imagined. So many worlds and lands for working out karma.

Japji Sahib Pauri 1. So many endure pain, deprivation and constant abuse. Priceless is Love for Him, Priceless are absorbed. Jap ji is believed to be the first composition of Guru Nanak, and is now considered the comprehensive essence of sikh faith. Speak of the qualities of the realm of knowledge.

The Kingdom gumukhi Dharma has set rules. Japji Sahib Pauri 3.

Japji Sahib Pauri

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