Estes express bill of lading

Selecting your role will allow already completed information to automatically fill in the corresponding fields below. The Available By drop-down field indicates the time you believe your shipment will be ready for pickup on that day. Required for all northbound shipments originating in Mexico. Mexico Bill of Lading. You cannot use reserve PRO Numbers unless they have been activated in the system.

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Density Stowability Ease or difficulty in handling Liability.

Use our xepress online tools to track shipments, get rate quotes, calculate transit times and more! Shipping Forms From U. Be sure to identify each commodity and its classification on your Bill of Lading to ensure that your shipment is properly rated.

Your document request has been processed. This takes you to the "Create BOL" application, where you can make any necessary edits and save the template for future use.

Estes Bill of Lading Instructions

The classifications establish groupings for virtually all commodities moving in interstate and intrastate transport. Use our convenient online tools ewtes track shipments, get rate quotes, calculate transit times and more! Select your preferred delivery method: You can edit or update your draft by clicking the "Edit Draft" button. Keep in mind that every recipient selected in the notification section to receive a Pickup Eexpress will receive every type of notification selected in this section.

Complete this form to provide the necessary information regarding your Caribbean shipments when you've authorized Estes to perform the EEI filing on your exprsss. Why was my shipment re-classed if I have shipped it using this class before? By submitting a Shipment Document Request through this service, you hereby confirm that you are an authorized representative of a person who is making or receiving a shipment, that the images and information obtained through this service will not be used for an improper purpose, and that you will not distribute, display, or otherwise make available the images or information obtained through this service to any unauthorized person.

Estes Forwarding Worldwide Claims Form. What are the classifications? If you're not already familiar with the NMFC categories, simply call our Traffic Department at and press A shipment may have been misclassified in the past, but that does not mean the shipment can continue to be misclassed going forward.

For a detailed explanation of each item, as well as other special services and conditions, see our Rules Tariff [PDF]. Reference numbers are added or removed in sets of 4. The Pickup Request collects the information needed in order for you to schedule a pickup associated with the Bill exlress Lading BOL that you are creating. Filter the Information Using Specific Text. The Close At time references the time that your business will be closed or the time that ldaing shipment will no longer be available for pickup on the day that you have selected.

Any special details that you would like us to know about your shipment can be entered into the Special Instructions text area.

You can select a Estees Draft from the list by clicking the radio button next to the report you want to access. The Pickup Options check boxes let us know about special requirements regarding your pickup. This application supports delivery via fax or email of the Bill of Lading and Delivery Receipt for a single shipment.

Estes Express Bill Of Lading Form - Fill Online, Printable, Fillable, Blank | PDFfiller

This information will be relayed to our dispatch team so that they can inform the driver of your comments. If the commodity is classified as a hazmat item, you must check the box next to "Hazmat. If your setting preferences change, you can ladibg them by simply filling out the Pickup Request section and selecting the "Set as Default" button. Shipping costs are based on the shipment's characteristics. Enter the tracking number for your shipment. If the shipment was manufactured outside the U.

Required for all northbound shipments originating in Mexico. The faxing notification is currently limited rxpress the Bill of Lading only.

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