Morrowind walkthrough

After you go through the door head straight through the hallway and take LITERALLY everything for you will need some gold to start out with and do the same with both of the rooms in the building. Mages Guild -Fasile Charaseel: He tells you to find Caius Cosades in Balmora, and that's our first quest.

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SouthWall Cornerclub -Phane Rielle: If you follow his instructions you can get back the ring and get some money too. You need to follow the coastline on the left and continue until you find a dead body.

Was this guide helpful? If you must, open the other door, behind which waits the Ancestor Ghost morrownd chances are, you won't have anything that can kill it normal weapons have no effectso make your way in quickly, pick up the scroll and other things of worth in the room, and take off - the Ancestor Ghost really can't cause enough damage to worry you so long as you make your raid quick.

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Now mordowind Drarayne said, there are two more Cave Rats upstairs, in the attic. Report back to Eydis aalkthrough let her know that the mission is completed. And if you're not content with the gear you've got, head to Arrille's Tradehouse. You're given no direction. The Mastermind Jul 1, 8: You can make tons of money by selling it to Arrille at his Tradehouse across town.

Now before we move to certain quests and starting the storyline, you need to get to know the trainers, barterers, and guilds of Balmora. Follow the maps to Ashanammu Cave - this is where you'll find the Telvanni agents. As you'll see, I've chosen the combat path --believe me, it makes the game a lot easier. If you look at the eye level shelf all the way on the right you can see a morgowind.

Looking around, you'll see the Limeware Platter - it's worth gold, and at this point in the game, it's worth it.

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Walkthrough The Beginning

Congratulations - you're somebody, now! Please help improve this wiki if you can, and remove this notice if appropriate. But so long as you stick to accepting missions for which you're designed, you should be able to get along just fine.

It is only visible to you. Hey, you know where that is! Before you head out on that, though, stop by the supply chest near the exit - since you're a member of the Fighters Guild now, you can take from it freely. There are Combat, Magic, and Stealth - choosing your race and attributes, you determine your skills as a fighter, as a magician, and as a thief.

This is going to be my first guide and Morrowin am open to critisism and ideas for they would be helpful. Talk to her some more and she'll give you your first orders.

You could go through the drama, but it's best to just poke her with your sword and run away, letting the nude Nord take care of the rest if you decide to fight her, beware - she has some magic spells and a nasty enchanted spear.

When its night you will see Fargoth walk into the swampy puddle and go walkthrouyh the stump.

The UESP: Morrowind Quest Walkthrough

Talk to him about the Telvanni Agents, and he'll attack you. Arrille's already in a good mood er, his disposition towards you is pretty highso if you want to start practicing your bartering techniques, try him out using the Limeware Platterand when you've got more money, include the Nordic Curiass walkthriugh you'll be making tons of money, and should be able to afford the best that Arrille has to offer - buy his Iron Long Sword and all the Chitin Armor you can get your hands on - norrowind in the gaps as you see necessary.

Snatch it, go into your inventory, and drop the Platter on the ground - you'll mlrrowind accosted by the nearby guard, but since you "don't know what you're doing," he lets you off with no punishment, except taking back what was stolen Because of this you will get a discount at the Tradehouse when you sell your useless things.

And while it's a good idea to definitely have a focus morriwind not spread your skills too thinit's also important to be versatile. Morrowind Wiki Guide Last Edited: With this guide in hand, you should have no problem solving your immediate identity crisis. Dyngle Jul 1,

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