Theremin schematic

As in the , and its forerunner, the Southwest Technical Products model , the theremin retains a heterodyne topology similar to that used by Mr. That's the thing Page used in "Whole Lotta Love" he used it with an echo, to get even weirder. Pick a pair of CdS photocells from the Electronic Goldmine photocell assortment. Temperature performance is excellent for this theremin; warm-up drift is negligible due to the conservative power levels in the oscillator ICs, as well as first-order drift cancellation among their similar configurations. He's graciously provided both a writeup with excellent technical information and schematics for his project.

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Rectifier CR1 protects the circuit from accidental battery reversal, and R8 prevents excessive current from causing CR1 and the battery to heat under such a condition. I get a lot of questions about their digital theremin, so I've started compiling a FAQ.

Theremin Electronic Circuits

A very simple CMOS 2-chip pitch-only theremin suitable for simple science fair projects. Art Harrison shares his latest theremin designs with the world!

In a slightly darkened room, your Pocket Theremin should be capable of producing a wild, wide variety of sounds. This effect diminishes if the instrument is far from interfering sources. Keep all wiring long enough to comfortably string all of the components together inside your box. Don't forget to browse the rest of Art's great site! Try various photocells for different sound effects.

Build a Pocket Theremin on the Cheap

The theremin typically uses less than 2 milliamperes of current, so a 9 volt alkaline battery will provide many days of operation. Now go film your own retro SciFi flick, you've already got the sound effects in your pocket. Fred shares with us an all tube theremin project - complete with sound files!

Although not obvious, a player is sufficiently "coupled" to earth via his or her surface area, which presents a large capacitance to earth's ground through "free space.

The MC is pin for pin compatible.

Theremin in his original instruments. He has graciously shared his schematic and several sample sound clips with us!

This filter attenuates the mixer's inaudible heterodyne sum products, leaving the audible difference, or "beat frequency" product.

The three remaining U2 sections are not used, so their inputs are grounded. Ever wanted to get rid of the "pop" when you turn on your Etherwave? Remember those spooky sound tracks from s science fiction movies? Unlike the real McCoy which relies on grounded variable capacitance for changing frequency and volume with the wave of a hand, our Pocket Theremin uses variations in light for producing its unearthly vibrato.

The full text and graphics for this article are now available online. Here's a list of various types of theremin schematics. Click here for an MP3 of the Pocket Theremin in action.

Well, chances are pretty good that those oscillating noises were generated by a Theremin. We make fheremin effort to link to original material posted by the designer. This method of adjustment permits the potentiometer to be located at any convenient distance from the circuit and antenna, since frequency variations resulting from stray capacitance between the potentiometer's slider and ground are decoupled by capacitor C8. U1 sections A and B, in conjunction with R1, R2 and C1, form the scehmatic variable oscillator that operates in a frequency range around 73kHz.

Pierre has built a new tube theremin design based loosely on the RCA theremin. I finally got the original postscript files back, and they are available below in GZIP format: This placement will help you control the final sound effects with greater independence and dexterity.

Now fix the speaker to the front of sxhematic box. Build an optical theremin out of LEGOs! DIY electronics theremins build it. We've also changed the power supply to avoid problems with switchmode DC plugpacks.

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