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Therefore, the number of ITTO you need to learn is actually a much less than it appears at first blush. You may easily observe that Project Management Plan comes as an Input in most of the Planning processes because it provides an approach to developing plans. In summary, you can see Project Management Plan as an Input in half of the processes.

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ITTO are a standardized means of systematically using the same method of developing and executing processes and projects.

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The Complete Guide to PMP® ITTO (Inputs, Tools, Techniques and Outputs)

Your email address will not be published. Yes, they absolutely can and frequently are. Some are; but, most aren't. For that, you are thinking what existing organization templates Organization Process Assets can help me, what is the organization culture Enterprise Environmental Factors I need to take care in identifying stakeholders, and what are the guideline for the approaches Project Management Plan of developing my Scope and Requirement Management Plan.

This number scares many of you; let me give you the good news here. There are two great tools tito learning and understanding ITTO that many of my successful PMP candidates have used in preparing for the tito. If you're a visual learner, the Table of Contents will simplify your study process, as it includes 11 pages of "List of Tables and Figures" that identifies each and every table and figure and on what page it is found.

Should I develop my own Input Output Diagram? igto

May be an input to a successor process. Such graphical presentation was very helpful for me.

March 19, at 7: It is also considered to be an Enterprise Environmental Factor, as it comes from the organization environment and influence the project execution. It is presented in chapters based on Knowledge Areas, which are further separated into chapters for each process within that Knowledge Area, and for each process inputs, tools, techniques and outputs are described in detail.

A product, result, or service generated by a process.

Finally, to understand how a house is built, it is more important to know and understand the interrelationships and sequencing of construction activities than it is fixating on variable details, such as out how many nails may be needed — the same is true for processes and this Complete Guide will show you why.

Project Management Information System: To recap what we've covered in this Guide:. Work performance Information is termed as progress report. Status reports inform stakeholders about where the project is today in regard to project schedule and budget.

I find putting things context helps me to understand them better; in this case, using an analogy of building a house works well. It is more important to understand the how's, why's, and relationships between ITTO than it is to attempt to memorize all of them.

How you choose to create your itti ITTO chart will be based on how you learn and what works best for you. May be an output from a predecessor process. These are the components of a process and understanding of these processes gives you a solid foundation for executing your project.

You are required pmbol learn much less number of these ITTOs.

All ittp these changes are processes through Integrated Change Control Process and goes as an input there. And just to be absolutely clear, a system can be defined as: My approach was to understand the logical flow of inputs and outputs, linking them accordingly, and absolutely NO memorizing ityo.

Learning the PMP ITTO is a significant undertaking, but with a solid commitment to studying and learning, a study plan developed by you for your personal circumstances, and diligent effort, you will learn and understand ITTO.

Knowing PMP® ITTO (Inputs, Tools, Techniques and Outputs) - PMBOK® Fifth Edition - iZenBridge

The Work Performance Information is the output of controlling processes and gives your stakeholders a status of project deliverable s, like if the project meets the quality standards ppmbok how the project is performing against cost and schedule estimates. In your developing Scope and Requirements Management plan example, you meet with identified stakeholders and take their expert judgments. Therefore, the number of ITTO you need to learn is actually a much less than it appears at first blush.

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