Improvised munitions black book vol.1

Just before use, insert the blasting cap Into the cavity made by the rod. When properly prepared, this explosive munition can be deto- nated with a blasting cap. Insert packaged propellant and igniter into pipe until package rests against threaded cap leaving firing leads extending from open end of pipe. Pack tightly os before. Drill a hole through center of pipe plug large enough for nail to pass through.

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Insert grenade into container. Its sides will prevent the safety lever from springing open. Salvaged artillery cartrlcfec case may also be used.

Only the ratios of the amounts of mumitions are important. Hand grenade having side safety lever Sturdy container, open at one end. Special Forces Demolitions Author: Stir the explosive frequently with a wooden stick while it is melting.

blac Position three of these rods around the explosive filled can and hold In place with tape. Thie exploeive can be detonated with commer- cial 8 or any military blaatlng cap. Remove the pipe half sections from vise. When properly prepared, this explosive munition can be deto- nated with a blasting cap.

Series: Improvised Munitions Black Book

Place the Jar with the liquid from Step 6 In a hot water bath as In Step 5 and heat until the alcohol has evaporated. This explosive can be detonated with a blast- ing cap. While stirring with the wooden stick, munitiions add explosive until the mass Is very damp but not wet enough to drip. Add the white powder to the sulfuric acid. Force out fired primer with nail as shown improfised. If any is spilled, wash off immediately with large amount of water. Wash the urea nitrate by pouring water over it.

It is to be used with a booster explo- sive such as picric acid Section I.

Improvised Munitions Black Book Vol. 1

Pour the hot blue solution, but imprivised the copper, Into the other pint jar. It may be used as blasting or gun powder. Remove the top and bottom from can and discard.

Shut off the engine. Make container from any material available. If pipe is used — a. Allow the mixture to stand for 10 minutes. Place other end o pipe luah against the larfct.

If available, add the ferric oxide rust to the solution. See Section I, No.

Desert Publications – Desert Publications Volume No. 10 : The Black Books & Powerful Stuff

With plastic explosives, a hole can be made by pressing a round stick into the center of the charge. Spread crystals on Oat surface and allow to dry. Pull atrap back and hold with thumb until raady. This type of charge is Ideal for the destruction of enclosed areas such as rooms or buildings. Do not Insert blasting cap imtU charge Is ready to be detonated.

As red fumes begin to appear periodically pour cool water over empty receiving bottle. Add remaining water 2 cups to mixture.

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