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In the case of deviations from the ideally spherical flame propagation, stronger influences may, however, be exerted on the maximum explosion pressure. Standardized measuring method according to DIN 53 D. In containers divided into compartments, considerably higher pressures may occur in the individual compartments due to pre-compression.

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The flash point is the lowest temperature of a flammable liquid at which an ignition in the gas phase initiated by a test flame will propagate. Substances that are known to be carciogenic for human beings class 2: In this data base the particle size distribution is given in tabular form. Bartknecht Staubexplosionen, Ablauf und Schutzmassnahmen Published by: The temperature of the fuel before the combustion and of the combustion products has to be 25 degrees centigrade, the water formed by the combustion has to be liquid.

Substances that are considered to be teratogenic for human beings class 3: The self-ignition temperature of a dust accumulation depends on the volume and the shape of the dust sample.

The explosion pressure of gases and vapours is determined in resting mixtures according ENthe explosion pressure of dusts in turbulent mixtures according prEN The autoignition temperature of mists can be lower than the flash point of the liquid e. The triple point is the point in the phase diagram of a pure compound at which three phases e.

The coefficient of oxygen equivalency characterizes the ability to promote burning processes, compared to oxygen. Substances that are considered to harm the fertility of human beings class 3: The molar stoichiometric fraction of combustible in mixture with air is the molar fraction of combustible which is needed for a stoichiometric combustion in air. The specific net calorific value of a liquid or solid fuel is the quotient of the heat produced by complete combustion trfs the mass.

A carcinogenicity test according to paragraph 3 or the determination of the in vivo biosolubility according to paragraph 4, chapter 2. Schoen Sicherheitstechnische Kennzahlen brennbarer Gase und Daempfe 2nd, extended edition with 6th extension, Braunschweig German sets of rules and regulations for built-in mineral wools with an unknown date of manufacture, without RAL Quality Mark or 095 evidence of biosolubility provide no possibility to differentiate between so-called old and new mineral wools.

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As a third concentration measure the amount of inert gas in the mixture AIM is given. Krause Zuendgefahren lagernder Staubschuettungen und -schichten - Berechnungsmethoden und Diagramme fuer die Praxis. The abscissa is the reciprocal self-ignition tempera-ture of the dust accumulation.

The evaporation number is the ratio of the evaporation time of the liquid to be tested and the evaporation time of diethyl ether as the reference substance, measured in a specified experimental apparatus. Specific characteristic for dust and test methods according to the Cubic Law. The particle size is defined as a characteristic length of a particle just passing a sieve of known trgw.

Baua committee adopts decisions on hazardous substances

This point is called critical point, the corresponding temperature and pressure is called critical temperature and critical pressure. Substances that may cause concern due to possible harming of the fertility of human beings.

The temperature pertaining to the lower explosion limit - the lower trga point - can be calculated from the vapor pressure curve. Because of that there is no standardized method for determing this property.

Schoen Sicherheitstechnische Kennzahlen brennbarer Gase und Daempfe 2nd enlarged edition with 6th supplement, Braunschweig Dusts are measured in a cloud of whirled up dust. The maximal stability ratio depends on: Stabilitaetsgrenzdruck von Acetylen Chem. The flash point determined in an open cup are in general considerably higher by up to 20 degrees, in individual cases even more.

The lower explosion point of a pure compound can be calculated from its vapor pressure curve and the lower explosion limit. The explosion limits generally refer to an initial pressure of the mixture of The maximum rate of pressure rise depends on the volume and the shape of the vessel and the state of turbulence of the mixture.

They are classified using assured scientific knowledge into category 1, 2, or 3 of Appendix I of the "Gefahrstoffverordnung" German regulations on dangerous substances.

The pressures indicated here are absolute pressures for gases, vapors and dusts.

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