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Selected pages Title Page. Society for Artificial Intelligence and Statistics, Fingerprint analysis using Bayesian alignment. Independence properties of directed Markov fields. Proper Local Scoring Rules.

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Markov properties for mixed graphs. Particular emphasis is given to the relationships among various local computation algorithms which have been developed within the hitherto mostly separate areas of graphical models and genetics.

A theoretical model for blinding in cake filtration. Statistical reasoning and learning in knowledge-bases represented as causal networks. The Annals of Statistics 45 The Annals of Statistics 21, Markov fields and log-linear interaction models for contingency tables.

Graphical Models - Steffen L. Lauritzen - Google Books

Independence properties of directed Markov fields. Written by a leading expert in the field, it contains the fundamentals graph required and a thorough study of Markov properties associated with various type of graphs, the statistical theory of log-linear and graphical models, and graphical tables with mixed discrete-continuous variables in developed detail. Statistics and Computing, 11, Clinical assessment of disease activity in rheumatoid arthritis.

Hyper Markov laws in the statistical analysis of decomposable graphical models.

Graphical Models

More like this A generalized species-area relationship: A Clarendon Press Publication. Graphical and recursive models for contingency tables: Statistica Neerlandica56, The use of graphical models in statistics Bayesian updating in recursive graphical models by local computation. Microwaves, Antennas and Propagation, Sufficiency, prediction and extreme models.

Fingerprint analysis using Bayesian alignment.

Graphical Models - Steffen L. Lauritzen - Oxford University Press

Projective statistical fields, Preprint No. Cephalagia 1 Lecture Notes in Computer Science No. Back to top Peer reviewed journal articles S.

Evaluation by the method of variance components. Workshop on Geometrization of Statistical Theory. Extreme point models in statistics with discussion Scandinavian Journal of Statistics 11, This is the first comprehensive and authoritative account of the theory of graphical models.

C3 Other derived distributions. Scandinavian Journal of Statistics 15, Non-parametric Bayes inference for concave distribution functions. Informativeness of genetic markers for forensic inference- An information laugitzen approach.

Models for mixed data. Thiele's contributions to statistics. General exponential models for discrete observations, Scandinavian Journal of Statistics 2, Testing the order of autoregressionPreprint Univ.

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