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It is recognize that the performance of gasifiers depends mainly of the equivalence ratio range being used. Butterworth - Heinemann U f fluidization velocity during the gasification in m. The lower limit of the superficial velocity of the gas that will flow through the particle bed was calculated separately for the sand and the rice husk using the expression in Eq. The maximum expanded height of the bed was assumed as 0.

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T ash ashes temperature exit in K. Rice husk and fluidization-gasification air energy: The successful results obtained stimulates the continuity of the research towards the development of proejct clean technology for the valorization of agro-industrial wastes in Colombia, specifically, by means of the use of the fluidized bed gasification technology. Very small values of this variable would reduce the reaction temperature and the energy liberation necessary to maintain the reduction reactions.

Apostila Project - 2007

With this value, the reaction coefficient related to the necessary air for gasification was obtained: For the development of the mass balance of the process, data reported in literature referring to typical concentrations of carbon monoxide COhydrogen H 2 and methane CH 4 of the energetic gas produced were used Sanchez, The relation between the rice husk flow with the diameter, pitch, fillet height and revolutions of the screw, is given by the 20007 in Eq.

The comparison with results obtained from experimental tests showed that the proposed model can be a useful tool when requiring a preliminary prediction of the performance variables values of pilot biomass fluidized bed gasifiers. Table 9 shows the values of typical volumetric concentrations expected for carbon monoxide, hydrogen and alostila in a fluidized bed gasifier on a pilot scale which uses rice husk as fuel and air as the gasifying agent Aposttila, Prjoect screw outer diameter in m.

Atmospheric Emissions Control Subsystem This subsystem consisted of a high efficiency cyclone which is intended to collect the particulate material that could be released during the gasification process.

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Global gasification reaction coefficients: Data and results for the preheating bed subsystem design. Both verifications were satisfactory. TDH critical height recovery particles in m. In this process, the rice husk is thermally decomposed in an atmosphere with oxygen deficiency. Comparison of experimental results obtained from several authors with predictions of the proposed mathematical model. U f fluidization velocity during the gasification in m.

Because the internal diameter of the intermediary and uper modules of the reaction chamber was extended to 0.

The world's existing preoccupation about the contamination of the atmosphere with harmful gases for the stability of the planet's weather is combined with the necessity to valorize agricultural wastes like rice husk, cane bagasse and sawdust, among others. It is recognize that the performance of gasifiers depends mainly of the equivalence ratio projecct being used. Sand and rice husk properties.

Mw a air molecular weight in kg. This value is smaller than those used in other studies. From the fluidization parameters previously established, the air mass flow necessary for the process was determined through the expression: Table 6 shows the considerations made in the design.

Therefore, the basic model developed in this work shows that it is helpful for preliminary prediction of the equivalence ratio, low heating value, volumetric yield, gas power and cold efficiency obtained in experimental atmospheric bubbling fluidized bed biomass gasification tests.

In addition to the compounds referred in Table 9the fuel gas will contain typical products of combustion, with the exception of oxygen which will be present in insignificant amounts. Based on the literature information Ashbee and Davis,a cyclone with the geometric relations presented by Stairmand was designed.

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Air Distribution Plate A Tuyer type air distributor plate was selected, consisting of a plate with vertical nozzles with lateral perforations through which passes the air that is distributed uniformly into the reactor. In ma, the fluidization velocity 0. Table 3 shows the necessary parameters for the air distribution plate design considered for the most homogenous material of the bed sand.

The gasifier design was made according to information available in the literature md innovative reforms implemented by the research group. In Table 14a summary of several gasifiers operational conditions of previous work are presented.

Particle separator dimensional and operational characteristics. Figure 4 shows the influence of the equivalence ratio into the 0.

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