Transgo 4l60e shift kit instructions

Make shure all solenoids and electronics are connected, and check to make shure the springs aren't cocked or stuck in their bores. Yeah, the instructions could hardly be worse, as the order of doing things is completely wrong. To answer your question though, yes it does, it's just held on by bolts. Also what does the trans do when it doesn't shift? Returnless system, Walbro , ID, E

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Now anyone with basic tools can install the same TransGo Reprogramming kits the professionals u se.

Any 4l60e Shift Kit Dos and Donts? - Forums

Forum statistics Threads 18, MessagesMembers 11, Latest member killa Trans now ship business days of order. Couple more things now that I'm typing on a real keyboard I even have the blue trans assembly lube that that Hiram guy uses in the You Tube video and I've watched that kiit few times, too.

Any dos and donts advice for what to drill, what size to inztructions, what transgo servo parts from the kit to integrate into the other new servos? Security lock out Latest: Dual feed fixes 3 rd burnup.

Transgo sk-4l60e post install problem

I am confused as to how all this goes together. Chrysler Stick Shift Kits. This should be fine in the vast majority of cases. Look on the side of the pump.

Any 4l60e Shift Kit Dos and Donts?

kt Stops direct clutch burn-up. I thought the computer would adapt and maybe make that smoother but strangely, it seems to be getting worse. If trans is apart Reduces the chance of clutch failure.

Couple more questions here Page 1 of 2. There is even more, but you would have to call me for that.

Greater performance and durability. However, I suspect these early 4L60E V6 trans are weak and the reason these trans have a poor reputation.

I also suggest installing the Sonnax HD shift valve. Blckshdw 26 minutes ago. The gaskets were marked right but not every hole was perfectly aligned. Otherwise, go with the lesser option. I would definitely go back in and check to make shure you insttuctions all of trans go instructions, I have done 2 of these exact kits before with no problems. As suggested, don't take the trans apart to install the optional parts.

I attached a pic with the extra check ball circled. Then assemble the Orange, Piston and Blue springs for the 2nd Accumulator as shown on Trnsgo 1; do not use any spacer washers. My converter is a TCI stall.

Don't use any spacers in the accumulator unless you have a high stall; drill the separator plate one size above stock where the directions say to. So as far as page 5 goes with the reverse input piston you are saying I should skip that step as I would have to take the internals of the tranny apart? instruuctions

Transgo 4l60E-HD2 - LS1TECH - Camaro and Firebird Forum Discussion

I'd drill out the with the bigger drill bit and the other ones like the instructions say. Sure you know it by heart, but having helped people on this forum, by email and by phone, the instructions are very confusing and sparse to a first-timer. So I am still stuck?

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